Dwarf Fortress 2024: How to Remove Walls and Floors

How to remove walls and floors in Dwarf Fortress? Dwarf Fortress is an open source game of incredible complexity that may prove challenging for newcomers. Removing walls and floors may pose quite the task; however with proper tools it should be possible relatively quickly this guide provides everything you need to know for this task in Dwarf Fortress!

Walls and Floors in Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress offers various kinds of walls and floors constructed from soil for an economical yet easy building solution although they provide little protection from enemy attacks. Stone walls and floors offer stronger defense though their construction takes more time and resources. Wood is another option but it is easily destroyed.

Dwarf Fortress: How to Remove Walls and Floors

Metal walls and floors are an excellent choice for players with access to an abundance of metal; these strong yet durable surfaces can withstand wear-and-tear with relative ease, yet can be costly to construct. Glass surfaces may also work though these fragile surfaces could easily shatter.

How Do I Remove Walls and Floors in Dwarf Fortress?

To remove walls and floors in Dwarf Fortress. Simply follow these steps:

  • Clicking on the Excavation (Pickaxe) icon at the bottom of your screen or pressing M is one way of excavation, while pressing X on Stairs with Red strikes in their center is another option for excavation.
  • When selecting which object to excavate (Floors, Walls or tiles), click M or press X for excavation.
  • Choose which walls or floors to remove by selecting them with a removal icon.
  • A dwarf will begin removing these walls or floors until the process is complete, and your unwanted walls or floors will have vanished!

This approach only works on walls and floors not furniture or doors. Before testing make sure the game is not paused.

Removing Ramps and Buildings | Dwarf Fortress Steam Tutorial

Slopes can be vulnerabilities in your fortress, and of course you just gotta know how to deconstruct things.

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