free fire gloo wall skin (January 2023) List Update

When it comes to mobile battle royale games, the free Fire Gloo wall skin is the only one that consistently adds new content, such as events, characters, pets, and gloo wall skins. Every time there is a new Garena event, a slew of new Gloo wall skins become available for usage in the game.

Because there are so many Gloo wall skins to choose from in Free Fire now, players are having a hard time deciding which one is the best. For those unfamiliar with the game, these objects serve as a vital defence against the enemy’s attacks by forming an immediate barrier on the field.

Your chances of staying alive in Free Fire increase with the quality of your Gloo wall skin. To that end, we’ve compiled a selection of 2023-appropriate Gloo Wall skins.

Free Fire Gloo Wall Skins for January 2023

Note that the following gloo wall skins are not presented in any particular sequence.

free fire gloo wall skin (August 2022) List Update

Explosion of Shamrocks

There are new wall skins for Gloo, and one of them is called Shamrock Explosion. When initially introduced, it served as a bonus for the Ramadan Top-up campaign. Nonetheless, users may purchase this stunning gloo wall cover for 200 Diamonds if they so choose.

2 The Hayato, The Guardian

Hayato The Guardian has only been available in Free Fire for a short period of time, yet it has already been heralded as a top-tier Gloo Wall skin. It was first released as a prize for the now-over Midnight Samurai Top-up event.

Three, The Door That Leads To Nowhere

These 2021 Gloo wall skins are unlike any that have come before them in terms of rarity and awesomeness. The first time players could win a Gate to Oblivion was during the Shark Attack Top-up event. In the course of the promotion, it was given away without charge to everyone who topped up their Diamond reserves by 500.

Protection against the Grim Reaper

If gloo wall collections are your thing, then you’ve probably heard a lot about Death Guardian. Many Free Fire content makers consider this skin to be the finest of all time.

This gloo wall skin is a fan-favorite since it can be used to construct a larger wall, which can then be used to protect other players. That gorgeous skin is in high demand, with hundreds of people eager to buy it but unable to do so.

Legend of the Swordsman, Number Five

Every Final Fantasy player wants the Swordsman Legends gloo wall skin. Launched initially as a free gift for gamers who topped up 500 Diamonds during the Swordsman Legend top-up event.


Free Fire World Champion (FFWC) is a very uncommon skin for gloo walls. It debuted at that year’s FFWC. The nicest part about this skin is that it was available to everyone without requiring a Diamonds recharge. It’s smaller than other Gloo wall skins, but its attractive structure makes up for its little stature.

Seventh, the Institute of the Rebellion

When it comes to gloo wall skins in Free Fire, Rebel Academy is among the best looking options. “Rage against the rules” is how this skin is described formally. Its initial release coincided with a 500 Diamonds top-up event, which may explain why fans haven’t been able to get it yet.

Eighth, a Back with a Spiky Disc

The breadth and curve of this Gloo wall skin is the sole reason why thousands of Final Fantasy gamers desire it so much. It is true that the arced shape of Spikey Spine serves to shield its users from all directions.

Like Rebel Academy, this skin was released at the same time as a 500 Diamond top-up event, which may explain why fans don’t have it.

Blood Hockey

Most would agree that Blood Hockey is the pinnacle of Gloo wall skins. It debuted at the time of an Elite Pass pre-order. Players love this skin because of the striking contrast between the bright red backdrop and the black skull in the centre.

Ten. The Oldest Form

As an incentive for pre-ordering Elite Pass Season 24, Free Fire players may get the stunning Ancient Order Gloo wall skint headgear. This skin’s widespread popularity may be attributed to its depiction of a Samurai brandishing two swords.

Formulate a Strategy for Bermuda 11

When discussing the most gorgeous and uncommon Gloo wall skins in Free Fire, the name “Plan Bermuda” always comes up. After Garena announced their partnership with the Spanish TV series Money Heist, they released this skin in FF.

The Money Heist crate is required to gain the Plan Bermuda skin, which can be found in the Crates area. After buying tokens, customers may trade them in for this Gloo wall skin.

How to get free Gloo Wall skins in Free Fire by 2023.

Free Fire’s Gloo wall skins may be acquired in a number of different ways. If you’re curious in these techniques but aren’t sure what they are, read on.

Boosting Occasions

Top-up events in Free Fire provide players with a large number of free virtual goods. There are instances when Gloo wall skins are included in this category of goods.

With the recent debut of their “Ramadan top-up” promotion, Garena is rewarding players who add 200 Diamonds with the exclusive “Shamrock Explosion” skin for the Gloo wall. Players are unable to participate in top-up events without first spending Diamonds.

Follow these steps if you don’t have any Diamonds on your FF account but still want a Gloo wall skin.

Cash for Your Opinions on Google

By using this smartphone app, you may earn Play Credits by downloading free games and doing short surveys. In Free Fire, Diamonds may be purchased using Play Credits after you’ve accumulated enough of them. If you’re using an Android smartphone and don’t already have this app, follow this link to get it.

Take part in contests and make your own accommodations

For its millions of Free Fire players, Garena often hosts special events with themed rooms and prizes. In most cases, diamonds are offered as the reward. If you want the Gloo Wall skin you have your eye on, but don’t want to spend any money on it, now is your chance to acquire it for free.

Here are the top Gloo wall skins for Free Fire, along with instructions on how to acquire them at no cost. We will be adding more gloo wall skins in the future, so check back here to learn about them as soon as they are released.

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