Overlord Albedo Abilities & Skills: Top 5 Abilities of her

Overlord Albedo Abilities & Skills: Albedo is the Overseer of the Great Tomb of Nazarick in Overlord. Here are some of the most powerful.
Overseer of the Floor Guardians in the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Albedo, is unfathomable. She’s the female lead in Overlord who lusts for Ainz Ooal Gown since she changed her core code before Ainz, then known as Momonga, realised he was due to be “isekai’d.”
Don’t let Albedo’s “crushing schoolgirl” persona fool you; she’s one of the strongest (and scariest) beings alive. Overseer Albedo is level 100 and was developed by Tabula Smaragdina. But, what are Albedo’s Skills? Let’s see what the Overlord Light Novel, manga, and anime reveal.

Damage-Transfer Skill

Overlord Albedo Abilities & Skills

Overlord Albedo Abilities & Skills: In this environment, everyone needs a Trump Card. A Trump Card is a “final” skill used as a combat finisher. She has one, although it’s never been named. Albedo’s Skill transfers any attack damage to her Armor, leaving her uninjured. Albedo can now withstand Super-Tier Magic, putting her on par with Ainz among the Guardians.

Armor has a strong Defense stat, but not much “durability” or “health,” therefore utilising this Skill frequently breaks the armour, exposing her. Albedo’s Hermes Trismegistus Armor has three “layers” of armour, enabling her to use this Skill up to three times a day without putting on fresh armour.

The Walls of Jericho

Overlord Albedo Abilities & Skills: The Walls of Jericho is Albedo’s first “Spell-Like” Skill that summons an object rather than merely boosting her. In the anime, this Skill is only mentioned while she and Shalltear are bickering. Isekai Quartet’s second season depicts the Skill.
Albeod’s Walls of Jericho Skill summons what appears like a fortress constructed of earth when playing Dodgeball, thus fans imagine it would do the same in Overlord, albeit on a greater scale.

Summon Mount

Overlord Albedo Abilities & Skills: Next, She conjures a horse she can’t ride. Albedo’s Summon Mount ability summons a level 100 Bicorn, but she can’t ride it. Unicorns only let “pure maidens” to ride them, whereas Bicorns do not. Albedo, a Succubus, is reserving herself for Ainz.

An armoured level 100 Bicorn shouldn’t be overlooked. While it won’t let her ride, the Bicorn will obey her summons.

The Wings Of A Succubus

Overlord Albedo Abilities & Skills: Next is a “natural ability” of Albedos. Albedo, a Succubus, possesses wings that fold up from her back.

She usually folds her wings about her front, although she may use them to fly or as weapons. In Season 4 Episode 11, she kept up with Azuth Aindra’s jet-powered Powered Suit. If she had her Bicorn, she could easily outrun Azuth, but her wings let her to keep up with the top Yggdrasil fliers.

Her Rock-Hard Abs

Overlord Albedo Abilities & Skills: Finally, let’s be merrier. She may look slender and respectable, but she’s really quite lean and has a brash side. This is her when Ainz isn’t around. Albedo, Nazarick’s tankiest member, has a combat-ready physique. Demiurge tries to knock Albedo out of her disoriented condition in one of the Overlord CD Dramas.

She returns to her senses and asks Demiurge if anything is wrong, pretending if she didn’t see the punch. Demiurge hit her hard abs and damaged his hand. This wicked Floor Guardian and level 100 Demon assaulted her and damaged his hand. What if that’s not supernatural?

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