One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date: Story, Cast, and More

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date: One-Punch Man remains popular despite Saitama being more well known than his animation, with each new manga-cum-anime becoming increasingly so. After defeating all his foes over two seasons, One-Punch Man may face greater resistance against its powers from future opponents in season three.

Could One Man Punch season three feature this updated version? When will Saitami return? All these answers and more are here on One Man Punch Season 3’s release date, cast list and plot summary page.

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date (Predicted)

One-Punch Man was officially confirmed for a third season back in August 2022, yet since then nothing concrete has been shared about its adventures or any speculations floating about regarding Season 3. There have however been various speculations surfacing.

Twitter announced production for The One-Punch Man will begin August 2022; we do not yet have an exact release date or know when its debut will occur. Rumours circulating of a third season being available by 2023 should be taken with caution and taken as news only.

COVID-19 could have set back production significantly and caused considerable difficulties for One-Punch Man team, thus 2023 would make an excellent release date for Season 3.

Shingo Natsume could make this year even more thrilling with his return from fulfilling his commitments for Yokohan Time Machine Blues and making Saitama home again.

One Punch Man Season 3

One Punch Man Season 3 Story

Without trailers and indication from cast and crew members, it can be challenging to predict where Season 3 of One-Punch Man may take us next season, yet its comics suggest intriguing stories are yet to come.

Garou has made her way into our comics and it appears to not bode well for our heroes. Garou seems prone to killing them quickly!

Season 2 of One-Punch Man concluded with Chapter 84 in manga format and further teases Garou as playing an integral part. A promotional graphic further suggests this fact.

Saitama and Genos, who view him as an immediate danger to them both, will likely go after him next. Or else they risk becoming one of his targets themselves.

One Punch Man Season 3 Cast

Due to limited information, it can be challenging to predict who the characters in One-Punch Man Season 3 may be; nonetheless, the series would certainly feel different without Saitama and Genos returning!

Makoto Furukawa and Kaito Ishikawa may return, as well as Garou (Hikaru Midorikawa), King (Hiroki Yasumoto), Tatsumaki (Aoi Yuuki), and Fuburki (Saori Hayami).

No word yet on what will become of the rest of the cast; however, given Saitama has taken care to eliminate most of them himself, we don’t expect too many antagonists will resurface in any capacity.

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