JoJo Stone Ocean: Greatest Sacrifice Explained (SPOILER)

JoJo Stone Ocean: A startling sacrifice ends Stone Ocean. How did that impact the ending? World-famous anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Hirohiko Araki wrote the comic. The manga has changed a lot since 1987. Partitioning the manga has stayed constant. Araki’s divided manga provided him greater space to innovate.

JoJo Stone Ocean: JoJo has eight sections for everyone. All pieces are unique, although not all are high-quality. Some portions have superior plot, characters, and pace. Stone Ocean is fantastic. Despite its ending, many admirers ignore Stone Ocean. Is it truly worse than others?

JoJo Stone Ocean: The Greatest Sacrifice

In order to achieve their aim of seeing Jotaro vanquish Pucci, most supporters assumed he would make a personal sacrifice on her behalf. Jotaro’s maternal instincts, however, kicked in, and he prioritised saving his daughter. Even though he was successful in his endeavour to rescue Jolyne, he cost himself precious seconds, which Pucci used to avoid being hit.

JoJo Stone Ocean: According to Pucci, Jotaro was too late, and he would have won the battle if he hadn’t chosen to shield Jolyne. It was a “weakness,” in Pucci’s words, and he used it as an excuse to eliminate everyone who stood in his way, except for Jolyne and Emporio. Jolyne felt she had no choice but to give her life so that Emporio may be freed.

JoJo Stone Ocean: The Last Battle

Jolyne’s group’s last fight with Pucci was thrilling. The primary villain gained an almost insurmountable power. Pucci’s Made in Heaven used the universe’s gravitational pull to speed up time. Pucci’s new power defeated Jotaro’s Star Platinum. Jolyne quickly realised she needed aid to beat Pucci.

JoJo Stone Ocean

JoJo Stone Ocean: Jolyne’s gang collaborated well, forcing Pucci to change his tactics. He decided to destroy Jolyne’s supporters individually. Anasui’s risk-taking turned the tide for Jolyne and company. He gave Jotaro a short opportunity to assassinate the priest. Jotaro saw something while approaching the priest. He noticed Pucci had thrown many knives at Jolyne, which would impale and kill her once time restarted. DIO did this to Jotaro in Stardust Crusaders. Jotaro had seconds to decide.

Was there a better decision Jotaro could have made?

JoJo Stone Ocean: Jotaro’s choice is the largest ending question. Jotaro’s sacrifice shaped him. He was a stoic family-hater at the start of the series. However, he saved Jolyne from John A. Galli. Jotaro’s behaviour astonished Jolyne. This event shaped Jotaro and Jolyne. This showed Jotaro had always loved his daughter and merely remained away to protect her.

Jolyne understood her father’s rationale and let go of her long-held bitterness. If Jotaro had chosen otherwise, Jolyne may have abandoned him in jail. Jolyne travelled far to get both discs after Jotaro’s sacrifice. Jotaro could move again once she had them.

Jolyne’s sacrifice made him proud. Jotaro would have sacrificed his chance to slay Pucci to save his daughter regardless of Jolyne’s efforts. Jotaro was correct to choose his daughter over Pucci after keeping himself apart from Jolyne for virtually her whole childhood.

Has it changed the outcome?

JoJo Stone Ocean: No, to put it briefly. Jotaro’s selflessness further heightened the poignancy of the last moments. It was a watershed moment in making Jotaro the most lovable Joestar ever. More significantly, he gave his life defending what mattered most to him.
Many viewers found it disappointing since it was the first time a key character has ever lost and died in a JoJo episode. Nonetheless, they may find comfort in the knowledge that Jolyne’s death was not in vain. She outwitted Pucci by sending away Emporio, who then went on to vanquish him. Now that Pucci was gone, Emporio bumped into all of his old pals, but they all seemed to have new identities and no idea what had happened. Araki’s original timeline ending choice was brilliant, and he should be given more credit for it.

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