Chainsaw Man Deaths: The Series’ 7 Most Heartbreaking Deaths

Chainsaw Man Deaths: Fujimoto isn’t scared to murder his characters, which has devastated his admirers. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s dark fantasy epic manga is now an anime on Crunchyroll. Fans of the long-running manga know the show’s mayhem, tragedy, and narrative weirdness are only the tip of the iceberg.

Chainsaw Man’s proclivity for shockingly horrible kills stands out among its cliches and gloomy themes. Since the comic began in December 2018, many lovable, heroic characters have died cruelly.

Chainsaw Man Deaths: The Series’ 7 Most Heartbreaking Deaths

7. Himeno makes the greatest sacrifice

Chainsaw Man Deaths: Himeno’s gallantry and loyalty to her companions are undeniable despite her shortcomings. The Devil Hunter is willing to let Denji die to protect Aki.

Himeno sacrifices herself to rescue Aki from Katana Man. Himeno summons the Ghost Devil and exchanges her flesh for its strength. Akane Sawatari protects Katana Man from the Ghost Devil by calling the Snake Devil. After defeating the Ghost Devil, Himeno’s body disappears.

6. Chainsaw Man Deaths: Devil Galgali The Violence Meets A Violent End

Galgali is a gentle, serene guy despite his Violence Fiend reputation. Abhorring violence, he’s remorseful and modest when he makes errors, like accidentally hitting Beam in fight.

Galgali’s body is cruelly damaged by a devil’s stabbing missiles despite his kindness and politeness. He’s then ripped apart limb by limb.

5. Beam the Shark Devil Prioritizes Others’ Safety

Chainsaw Man Deaths: Beam, one of Denji’s most devoted and protective pals, is a lively, colourful character for the series. The Shark Devil is often portrayed as fearless in fighting, both towards his enemies and people he loves about.

Beam looks fearless of his own death before being torn apart in Hell, volunteering his own blood to cure Denji. Beam’s gruesome demise shows how the narrative brutalises likeable people.

Chainsaw Man Deaths

4. Reze’s relationship with Denji compromises her mission

Bomb Devil serves the Soviet Union, hence Denji falling for Reze was planned. Despite being sent to kill Denji, she falls for him.
Denji rescues her from Devil Hunters despite her one attack. Denji wants to visit her again, presumably at the coffee shop she works at. This romantic interlude is shortly undermined by her death at Makima’s hands, giving Denji another devastating loss.

3. Chainsaw Man Deaths: Pochita Proves She Is A Very Good Dog

Chainsaw Man Deaths: Pochita was Chainsaw Devil before Denji. He must take dog shape to survive a confrontation with four demons. Denji becomes a close comrade in Pochita.
Pochita sacrifices himself to rescue his companion during a fight with the Zombie Devil. Pochita becomes Denji’s heart to save him from the Zombie Devil’s onslaught. Pochita’s last exhortation to Denji to live life to the fullest is a critical event in his character journey.

2. Chainsaw Man Deaths: Aki vs The Gun Devil Takes A Tragic Turn

This Public Safety Devil Hunter fought the Gun Devil for a long period. The Gun Devil’s rampage killed Aki’s parents and brother. It leads to the series’ saddest scene.

Aki finally takes revenge on the homicidal gun monster. Gun Fiend is still standing thanks to Aki’s dead corpse. The Gun Fiend returns to Aki’s house to kill his family. Denji, one of Aki’s buddies, kills him. Aki became a Devil Hunter to obtain vengeance on his gun-toting enemy, making this destiny tragically ironic.

1. Power’s Surprising Death Receives Little Attention

Chainsaw Man Deaths: Power and Denji’s relationship is one of the series’ most touching storylines. As a Devil, Power doesn’t respect human life, but her friendships with Denji and Aki alter her mind. Makima’s appearance dooms Power, who murders her in cold blood.

Denji watches as Makima eviscerates Power in a flash. The tale and characters hardly acknowledge Power’s death. It’s a dismal ending for a character whose trajectory had been promising. Denji lost another acquaintance, underscoring the series’ depressing tone.

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