GTA Online Railgun: Various factors including performance, price, and others

GTA Online Railgun: The Los Santos Drug Wars update gives GTA Online users the Railgun, a heavy weapon. Gun vans sell this gun for $730,000. Every day, this car will be in one of 30 random sites.

Some players may have used a bug to get this gun before it came out for free. No matter what, some gamers may want to know how this heavy weapon compares to other GTA Online firearms.

GTA Online Railgun

GTA Online Railgun: Performance

When compared to other firearms, the Railgun stands out. You grip it like an Assault Rifle and fire explosives out of it. Its blasts aren’t huge, but they’re more than enough to take out any car without armor. The Rocket Launcher can’t match this gun’s rate of fire or reload time.

The Railgun’s limited magazine capacity of 20 “bullets” is a significant drawback. GTA Online gamers shouldn’t let this constraint bother them too much because they can always stock up on ammunition through the Interaction Menu.

  • Rapidly shoot explosives in a straight line.
  • Quickly reloads without requiring the player to use advanced skills.
  • Destroys unarmored vehicles with a single shot.
  • Most NPCs will be killed in a single hit.

GTA Online Railgun: Price

Exact price of Railgun did not reveal by developer but we can say The Railgun is a powerful weapon that justifies its high price. It’s great for new players, and it has uses in both PvP and PvE. This weapon’s expensive price and the requirement to locate the Gun Van are the only two factors that can discourage gamers from making the purchase.

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