Roblox Clicker on Scratch Codes (May 2024): All New Codes

Looking for latest Roblox Clicker on Scratch Codes to redeem? Our list is regularly updated with reward and upgrades that will help speed your progress through game faster. Be sure to visit often as we welcome new member into our community with open arm.

What is Roblox Clicker on Scratch?

Roblox Clicker on Scratch is a straightforward and relaxed clicker game developed using the Scratch program. Enjoy some exciting EDM music while you increase your Robux balance by clicking rapidly with your mouse. As you earn Robux, you can buy enjoyable upgrades such as increased click power, automatic Robux generation per second, and customization options for your cursor. The more upgrades you acquire, the greater your Robux earnings will be. Challenge yourself to surpass the current record by rapidly growing your Robux collection.

Roblox Clicker on Scratch Codes

Roblox Clicker on Scratch Codes (Working)

All working codes are provided here below:

GameXLegend12350,000 free clicks
Roblox20231,000 clicks, 10 Robux per second, 100 click power

Expired Codes

10k10k free clicks, 10k Robux per second, 10k click power!
GameXLegend1231k clicks, 1k Robux a second, free click power!

No expired codes available.

How Can I Redeem Roblox Clicker on Scratch Codes?

To receive your free gifts from Roblox by using Clicker codes, just follow these easy instructions:

  • Access Roblox Clicker by visiting the official Scratch website.
  • Click on the “Codes” section to open a redemption box.
  • Enter desired code manually or by copying and pasting it.
  • Once you press enter, the system will verify the code’s accuracy and validity, and you will receive the corresponding rewards automatically if the code is correct.

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How to get more Roblox Clicker on Scratch Codes?

The creators of Roblox Clicker have not provided any official social media profiles such as Twitter or Instagram, nor online community platforms like Discord for us to follow and stay updated with new codes. Currently, the only reliable method to obtain new codes is by checking the “Instructions” section adjacent to the Roblox Clicker game when it is not in full-screen mode. By scrolling through that section, you will find any new information posted by the developers.

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