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Anime Rising Fighting Codes (June 2023): All Working Codes


Are you on Roblox searching for Anime Rising Fighting redeem codes? Well look no further as our list is regularly updated with rewards and upgrades that can help accelerate your progress in this exciting game! We always welcome newcomers into our community so make sure to visit frequently! We welcome new players!

What is Anime Rising Fighting?

Roblox Anime Rising Fighting is an engaging game designed to test players’ skills at defeating enemies and unlocking new fighters. Choose from an eclectic roster of characters with distinct abilities and face challenging levels and bosses, each boasting their own distinct talents and skillset. In addition, essences June be purchased to enhance earnings or strength of fighters. Roblox Anime Rising Fighting’s captivating gameplay, impressive graphics, and extensive customization options provide hours of enjoyable entertainment; get ready to enter this immersive battle arena now!

Anime Rising Fighting Codes

Anime Rising Fighting Codes (Working)

All working codes are provided here below:

Redemption CodeDescription
RAIDREWRITERedeem for a Free Boost (NEW)
2KLIKESRedeem for a Potion Boost (NEW)
1KLIKESRedeem for a Free Boost
KAIZEMWORLDRedeem for 2x Luck Potions
ANTWORLDRedeem for 2x Damage Potions
ReleaseRedeem for 100 Power

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Expired Codes

No expired codes are available.


How Can I Redeem Anime Rising Fighting Codes?

To successfully redeem codes in Roblox Anime Rising Fighting, please follow these steps:

  • Open the game on your device.
  • Click on Twitter button located on the side of the screen.
  • Choose a code from the list provided.
  • Enter the code into the text box.
  • Click Redeem button to receive your reward.

How Can I Get More Anime Rising Fighting Codes?

Developers typically release gift codes on official game websites and social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and Discord for special events and game anniversaries. If you prefer not following their social media accounts directly bookmark our page instead and stay informed on the latest codes.

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