How to make cheese in Little Alchemy: Step Wise Process

How to make cheese in Little Alchemy: Welcome to our Little Alchemy Cheat Guide on How to Make Cheese. Below is a step-by-step guide on producing cheese using the four basic ingredients. There’ll be no more navigating around websites or scrolling to get what you want right now, which is quite cool.

How to make cheese from scratch in Little Alchemy.

To make cheese from scratch, you’ll need to follow 18 steps. If you’re new to Little Alchemy, you can start at Step 1 and work your way up. You can take up where you left off in your Little Alchemy journey if you have already manufactured some of the products in these steps.

  • Air and Water = Rain
  • Rain and Earth = Plant
  • Water and Earth = Mud
  • Plant and Mud = Swamp
  • Air and Fire = Energy
  • Swamp and Energy = Life
  • Earth and Life = Human
  • Human and Plant = Farmer
  • Farmer and Life = Livestock
  • Earth and Plant = Grass
  • Grass and Livestock = Cow
  • Cow and Human = Milk
  • Earth and Fire = Lava
  • Air and Lava = Stone
  • Air and Stone = Sand
  • Fire and Sand = Glass
  • Glass and Sand = Time
  • Milk and Time = Cheese

If you’re new to the game and want more information, or if you’re sharing this with a buddy who is just getting started, we go into greater detail below.

If you need further information, the following sections will provide it. Where items in the steps have already been created and posted, we’ll just provide links to the posts by section, which you can open in new tabs.

How to make cheese in Little Alchemy: Step Wise Process

Whether you have full details or a combination of details and links, you will have step-by-step instructions for producing each item, with screenshots for each step.

In Little Alchemy, learn how to produce cheese.

Assuming you’ve already started playing:

Step 1: From the Elements menu, drag MILK onto the playing board.

Step 2 – From the Elements panel, select TIME and drop it on the MILK you placed on the playing board in step

In Little Alchemy, here’s how to produce milk.

  • In Little Alchemy, the next step in making cheese is to make milk.
  • For more information on how to make milk in Little Alchemy, visit the link.
  • Now it’s time to move on to the next phase in the cheese-making process: making time.

In Little Alchemy, how do you make time?

  • In Little Alchemy, the next stage in making cheese is to make time.
  • For more information on how to make time in Little Alchemy, visit the link.
  • Now it’s time for the final step in the cheese-making process.


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