Idol Showdown Tier List (May 2024): Get Best Characters

Idol Showdown Tier List (May 2024): This guide presents our comprehensive Idol Showdown Tier List, providing current characters and their strengths within the game. We regularly update this list as new characters become available; and conduct extensive research in order to maintain authentic and honest rankings that assist you in making informed decisions regarding which characters make sense for inclusion on your team.

What is Idol Showdown?

Idol Showdown is an exclusively PC platform fighting game featuring an impressive roster of Hololive members. For additional details and information about Idol Showdown please visit its Steam page.

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Idol Showdown Tier List (May 2024)

Idol showdown tier list is provided below:

Idol Showdown Tier List (May 2024): Get Best Characters

S Tier

Aki RosenthalAki prominent position on the list can be attributed to her exceptional adaptability in battles. While she lacks a distinct dominant attribute, she also lacks any notable weaknesses. In the midst of combat, she has the ability to summon Mukirose for assistance.
Botan ShishiroIn the view of numerous players this particular character deserves the foremost position on the roster due to its exceptional performance in both long range and close quarter combat. Additionally it boasts a notable advantage in terms of inflicting substantial damage.

A Tier

Suisei HoshimachiSuisei inflicts substantial damage and excels in close quarter combat posing a challenge for opponents to defend against her assaults.
Ayame NakiriIndividuals wielding two katanas possess the unique capability of quickly approaching an adversary and conducting a lethal assault.

B Tier

Fubuki ShirakamiFubuki offers both offensive and defensive capabilities that make her ideal for learning mechanics of game in its early stages without particularly excelling. She makes for an excellent starting character but will likely not stand out for any particular reasons.
Korone InugamiKorone is a versatile character known for her aggressive playstyle making her most effective when relentlessly assaulting her opponent in close combat.

C Tier

Sora TokinoSora excels at ranged combat, yet is relatively ineffective in close quarters combat leading her to rank lower on this list.

D Tier

Coco KiryuCoco strongest performance is in close combat but she lacks the ability to deal significant damage to her opponents.


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