Realme 8 Pro Review: A reason to watch Realme

Realme 8 Pro Review: Realme may not be a major brand in the West, but if they keep producing phones like the Realme 8 Pro, that won’t last long. At this price point, Motorola, Nokia and Redmi should take notice.

This phone is expected to be the cheapest phone produced by Chinese company in 2021 and it will launch simultaneously with the Realme 8 in early 2021.
The Realme 8 Pro is a “premium budget phone”, comparable to other “budget phones” like the Moto G9 Plus or Redmi Note 10 Pro. Though slightly over the price cutoff for our list of “best cheap phones”, this device remains affordable.

Realme 8 Pro Review: Design

Realme 8 Pro seems tiny compared to its competition, which is perfect for folks who don’t want a huge phone. Thin light and smaller than usual.
This plastic body has a textured layer that looks and feels better than a’standard’ plastic back. Realme slogan is written on the back in bold capital letters, which some may find obnoxious.

The phone’s volume rocker and power button are on the right side. The Realme 8 Pro’s size and button placement made it one-handed.

Realme 8 Pro Review: Display

The Realme 8 Pro’s 6.4-inch screen is smaller than many similar-price phones, and it has a front-camera cutout at the top left.

The 1080 x 2400 resolution is usual for smartphones. It’s lower than most flagships’ resolution but the same as most games, applications, and streaming services.

60Hz is common for phones at this price, although some go up to 120Hz. Shop around if you care about refresh rate.
Since it’s an AMOLED screen, we anticipated the screen to have brilliant colours. Auto-brightness was sometimes off, requiring us to manually adjust the display’s brightness.

For this price, there’s a good in-screen fingerprint scanner. It was speedy and seldom failed to unlock on the first try.

Realme 8 Pro

Realme 8 Pro Review: Cameras

The Redmi Note 10 Pro has a higher-resolution primary camera before the Realme 8 Pro. A 20MP front-facing camera joins an 8MP ultra-wide, 2MP depth-sensing, and 2MP macro camera.

The Realme 8 Pro’s high-resolution camera wowed us. Well-lit photos have rich detail and nice contrast. This applied to panoramas and close-ups.
We could simply download high-res photographs from the phone and edit and trim them without getting a low-res or untidy snap.

108MP photos take up a lot of space, and some low-res cameras feature larger sensors that’see’ more light. In well-lit areas, it’s wonderful.

The ultra-wide camera likewise worked well, however colours were different. Ultra-wide photos were richer and darker, but that’s simply my opinion.

2MP secondary cameras seldom improve smartphones, and that’s true here. Noise made macro shots useless.

Realme 8 Pro Review: Specs and performance

The Realme 8 Pro features a Snapdragon 720G CPU and 8GB of RAM, so it’s hardly a powerhouse, but we never found it sluggish.

The phone scored 1679 on Geekbench 5, a mid-range multi-core score. That’s just behind Moto G9 Plus’ 1690 and above Pixel 5’s 1600.

We had no difficulties with the phone for gaming, since it was usually quick and seldom lacked or stuttered.

We weren’t blown away by the phone’s navigation speeds, but we weren’t disappointed either. Unless you’re coming from a flagship, the phone is amazing.

Realme 8 Pro Review: Battery life

The Realme 8 Pro’s 4,500mAh battery lasted us a day, even while we took photographs and played games. Unless you use it very little, a second day seems doubtful.

At 50W, the phone charged in less than an hour. No wireless charging is anticipated at this pricing.

Realme is known for giving rapid charging on inexpensive phones, so 50W isn’t a great surprise. Realme 7 Pro reached 65W.

Purchase it if..

  • Your don’t want your budget to constrain you: The phone doesn’t feel like a phone of its budget, therefore it’s an excellent pick if you seek value.
  • You like fast charging: With 50W powering, the phone’s battery charges quickly, eliminating overnight charging.
  • You want a ‘compact’ budget phone: If you don’t wants to strain your hand while using a smartphone, the Realme 8 Pro is a decent alternative.

don’t purchase it If…

  • You need 5G: There are phones at or lower the Realme 8 Pro’s pricing that provide 5G, so unless you’re okay with 4G, consider them instead.
  • You don’t care for high-res photos: If you don’t intend to edit and crop your photographs, you may not enjoy the benefits of 108MP cameras.
  • You want a huge screen: Some inexpensive phones feature chunky screens that show more game or video. Not this.

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