Realme Flash Tool V2.0 [All Latest Version] Free Download

Realme Flash Tool: In this guide we provide links and tutorials for the latest Realme Flash Tool download link and tutorial, so you can recover from hard-bricked computers if they were flashed with improper Stock or Custom Roms. Furthermore, this update updates devices running Android 7.0, 8.0.0 or 8.0.1 operating systems while supporting both old and new Realme Android Qualcomm models. Our Realme FlashTool download link comes complete with instructions on how best to utilize its capabilities.

What’s the Realme Flash Tool?

Realme Flash Tool V2.0 [Latest Version] Free Download

Qualcomm and MediaTek have created the Realme FlashTool to allow users to flash firmware on their Oppo devices. With its Download Tool, users can update or downgrade firmware at will; additionally, it enables Hard Bricking and Softbrick Unbrick Realme Device functionality as well. Built into Realme devices by Qualcomm and MediaTek, this flasher allows for rapid flashing of stock firmware/ROMS; all you have to do is download the full OFP firmware file before using this tool.

Realme FlashTool Supported Models List

1Realme 1
2Realme 2
3Realme 2 Pro
4Realme 3
5Realme 3 Pro
6Realme 3i
7Realme 5
8Realme 5 Pro
9Realme 5i
10Realme 5s
11Realme 6
12Realme 6 Pro
13Realme C1
14Realme C2
15Realme C3
16Realme U1
17Realme XT
18Realme Narzo 10
19Realme Narzo 10A

Download Latest Realme Flash Tool

Here is the download link for Realme Flashtool and Realme Download Tool Enabler that support Realme Qualcomm and MTK Android phones. Please note that an older version of the Realme Download tool has also been uploaded; it requires Net Framework to run, so if you experience any errors while running this app, be sure to install runtime.

Name: Realme Flash Tool (New)
Size: 17 MB
Password: officialroms

How to Use Realme FlashTool:

We arrived at the main part of this tutorial. So I would suggest that you very carefully follow each move and apply it to your computer flash.

  • Make sure your data has been backed up, as opening the computer could potentially wipe out all current information.
  • Make sure your Realme X2 Pro’s bootloader is unlocked.
  • Download and install the Realme Flash Tool on your computer.
  • Flash your Realme X2 Pro by following these steps:
  • Choose which realm UI kit you would like to download and save it onto your device.
  • Fastboot Mode – Join Realm X2 Pro (How: Turn off Realm X2 Pro, then hold down both power and volume down buttons simultaneously to enter fastboot mode).
Realme Flash Tool Completed


What languages are supported in this tool?

At present, Flash Tool only supports English.Add image

Will using the flashing tool affect my warranty?

No, your warranty remains in effect even after using the officially provided flashing tool.

How do history(OFP) packages provided by developers match with monthly OTA version names?

Each OFP package shares the same name as its corresponding OTA version.

Does the flashing tool support rollout back from Android 10 to Android 9?

Unfortunately, no. We will provide another method for implementation instead.

How to exit fastboot mode?

Press the volume key and choose either shut down or restart your device to exit fastboot mode.

How about other model will receive the flash tool update?

Please be patient – we plan on releasing more realme smartphones in the near future.

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