PSU Tier List New Update January 2023 Power Supply Unit

PSU Tier List 2023– Are you looking for a power supply unit that is compatible with your computer, but you do not know what the greatest qualities of a decent PSU are? As a result, we will provide you with a comprehensive LTT PSU tier list.

Power supply units are, for the most part, too comparable to the terms and conditions of a particular service that are, in practise, disregarded. If, on the other hand, you are looking for the most recent PSU LTT tier list 2023, then you should already be acquainted with the product and the role it plays in gaming. Let’s get right down to business and choose the power supply unit that will provide the most stable and efficient power for your gaming computer.

The most recent update was made on January 01, 2023.

PSU Tier List 2023 The Power Supply Unit is referred to as the PSU, and in this PSU Tier List, we have created a guide that splits the Power Supply Unit Tier List into 8 segments, ranging from Tier – S to Tier – G. This PSU Tier List will assist you in selecting the most suitable power supply unit for your personal computer; thus, let’s get started with the list right now.

PSU Tier List New Update July 2022 Power Supply Unit

PSU Tier List New Update January 2023 Power Supply Unit

Platinum power supplies are among the most ideal options available if you have high-end gaming models and components because to their 80+ rating, features, wattage range, dependability, and pricing, as well as the fact that they include Japanese-made components. If you are a gamer with a significant budget and you absolutely cannot make any sacrifices in terms of quality, then you should look at Tier S Power Supply Units.

A Tier – PSU Tier List (Diamond)

Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro111200WPlatinum
MasterWatt Maker 1200 MiJ1200WTitanium
Seasonic PRIME Series1300WTitanium
FSP Aurum PT1200WPlatinum
Antec High Current850WBronze
Enermax Platimax1200WPlatinum
Corsair-AXi Series850-1250WTitanium & platinum

PSU Tier A units provide remarkable power solutions at an affordable price and have a high level of dependability. To reiterate, they are best suited for high-powered products as well as styles that are demanding.

B Tier – PSU Tier List (Golden)

MasterWATT Maker Series1500WPlatinum
Be Quiet! Pure Power 11700WGold
Antec Edge750WGold
Seasonic Focus Plus Gold1000WGold
Enermax Digifanless GX550WPlatinum
Seasonic Focus Gold750WGold
Seasonic Focus Plus Platinum850WPlatinum
XFX XTS1200WPlatinum
Seasonic SnowSilent1500WPlatinum
Lepa G16001600WGold
EVGA G31000WGold
FSP Hydro G850WGold
Riotoro Enigma850WGold
LEPA G16001600WGold
Seasonic M12II850WBronze
Silverstone Nightjar NJ600600WPlatinum
Seasonic S12G750WGold
Thermaltake Toughpower Grand1200WPlatinum
Sentey Solid Power SS850WGold
Enermax Digifanless GX550WPlatinum

This PSU tier is home to all of the most seasoned and prestigious power supply units available. It is important to note that these ultimate power supplies are still rather pricey, despite the fact that they are extraordinarily helpful and efficient for gaming at 4k+ resolutions.

C Tier – PSU Tier List (Silver)

Seasonic G Series750WGold
Fractal Design Newton R31000WPlatinum
FSP Aurum Pro1200WPlatinum
Fractal Design Tesla R21000WGold
Antec TruePower Classic750WGold
Be Quite! Straight Power E101000WGold
Corsair CX750WBronze
Antec Neo ECO II650WBronze
Kolink Continuum1000WPlatinum
Super Flower Platinum King650WPlatinum
Riotoro Onyx750WBronze
Silverstone Gold Evolution800WGold
Fractal Design Integra M Series750WBronze
Zalman EBT1200WGold
Vivo 24K650WGold
Rosewill Silent Night500WPlatinum
XFX ProSeries Bronze800WBronze

Are you a gamer with high expectations who plays on a limited budget? If this is the case, power supply units classified as tier C are just what you need. This tier may be ranked fourth on the list of tiers, but it offers the highest quality service at the most reasonable cost, it safeguards the components, and it has an appropriate supply of power.

D Tier – PSU Tier List (Bronze)

SAMA Armor Gold750WGold
Silverstone Strider Titanium Series1500WTitanium
Silverstone Gold Evolution Series1200WGold
Cooler Master GM Or GX Storm750W/750WBronze/Bronze
Seasonic SS660WBronze
PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool860WGold
XFX TS Gold750WBronze
Be Quite! Power Zone1000WBronze
Deepcool DQST750WGold
LEPA G Series1600WGold
Cooler Master GM750WBronze
Fractal Design Tesla R2500WGold
Silverstone Strider Gold1500WGold
Rosewill Capstone G1200WGold
Thermaltake Smart Series850WBronze
Enermax Revolution X’t750WGold
Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite600WWhite
Thermaltake Toughpower Gold Series550-1500WGold

This is the value for money tier for gamers on a tight budget who are seeking for a gaming setup in the mid-range price range. There is no need for you to be worried about the effectiveness of these tier-D components since they are all of an exceptionally high grade and have the most reputable standing in the sector.

E Tier – LTT PSU Tier List (Bronze Medium)

Seasonic ECO620WBronze
Enermax NaXn450WWhite
Thermaltake Paris650WGold
Corsair Gaming Series800WBronze
Be Quite! Power Zone1000WBronze
Corsair CX Green Units750WBronze
XFX XT600WBronze
Seasonic M12II650WBronze
Antec Basiq BQ500WWhite
OCZ ZT or ModXStream1000WBronze
EVGA 600600WWhite

PSU that is designated as Bronze medium delivers as well as high performance; nevertheless, if you are seeking for an alternative that is favourable to your wallet, LTT PSU Tier E will operate averagely for you.

F Tier – LTT PSU Tier List (Bronze Low)

Cooler Master B2 Series700WWhite
Fractal Design Integra R2750WBronze
Rosewill Glacier1200WBronze
Thermaltake TR2 Series850WGold, White & Bronze
Antec Basiq BQ500WWhite
Antec VP Series630WWhite
NZXT HALE 82 v2700WBronze
EVGA B1700WBronze
LEPA MX-F1650WWhite
OCZ Fatality1000WBronze

Because these power supply units (PSUs) are used just for electricity, you should go for the LTT PSU Tier List F if you are running a normal low-end personal computer. If you genuinely employ power-hungry components, you should avoid power supplies with a Tier F rating since these supplies seldom achieve ratings of 80+.

G Tier-LTPSU Tier List (Carbon)

FSP Hexa700WWhite
Cooler Master Elite Series600WUnrated
EVGA N1750WUnrated

PSUs of Tier G should no longer be made accessible since they provide a significant risk to the more expensive versions of your personal computers. To tell you the truth, you shouldn’t purchase them, and you shouldn’t even consider about getting them.

Concerning Pennsylvania State University (Power Supply Unit)

When the power supply unit (also known as a PSU) is attached to the personal computer, it changes the alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC), which boosts the performance of the PC while also preventing it from overheating.

Therefore, the power supply is the most significant and core component of a PC. The lifetime of other elements of the computer is highly dependent on the purchase of the power supply, since making the incorrect decision may create major difficulties inside the pc.

Even while personal computers often come with a power supply built in, dedicated gamers like yourself prefer to get an additional one. However, you should bear in mind that once you do so, you will need to be more cautious and productive.

A Common Evaluation of PSU

Generally speaking, personal storage units (PSUs) are available in a wide range of specialised certifications and ratings. The following are some of the most common ones:

  • 80 PLUS
  • 80 PLUS GOLD

PSUs Buying Guide

Please make sure that the following necessary components are included in the power supply units that you purchase to guarantee that you get a dependable and high-quality product.

  • Filters Regulator Circuits
  • Transformers \sRectifiers
  • Silent feature fan (Optional)

Concerns Regarding the PSU Hierarchy’s Safety

Make sure that the power supply unit (PSU) you purchase includes the following automatic shutdown method to protect your computer from malicious software and hardware.

  • When the protection over voltage threshold of 110 percent or higher is reached, the personal computer automatically powers down.
  • Protection Over Current causes the computer to power down if the power supply unit (PSU) draws an excessive amount of current.
  • Protection Short circuit – Powers off when the GPUs and CPUs are using more power and running at a higher temperature.
  • Protection Brown Out: Eliminates the Possibility of Voltage Instability and Inconsistency in Electrical Grids.
  • When the temperature within the casing reaches the maximum allowed level, the computer automatically powers down to protect itself.
  • Overpower protection involves the computer powering down once the power grading reaches 130 percent or above.


This is our LTT Power Supply Unit Tier List 2023 guide, which will assist you in selecting the most suitable power supply unit for your personal computer. It is my sincere hope that you have found this Power Supply Unit tier list to be useful. Leave a comment on this page if you have any questions or issues about the LTT PSU tier list. We will do our best to answer your questions and address your problems.

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