I’m So Annoyed By Mario + Rabbids’:Nickelodeon Cartoon Creator

Can we please accept that the Rabbids are irritating? Mario rabbids original character edge annoying I don’t want to come across as a grumpy old man who doesn’t understand these cutting-edge cartoons, but those tiny twerps have never been a favourite of mine.Even though I adored the original Mario + Rabbids, I could only tolerate these bucktooth devils for so long. I despise them, kind of like Tommy Lee Jones said to Jim Carrey on the Batman Returns set. They genuinely bug me, and I can’t support their idiocy.

Mario rabbids original character edge annoying

The Rabbids poor ranking on the mascot tier list is really brought out when they are combined with the Mario cast. It’s like going to see The Beatles and having Nickelback join them on stage to perform Come Together. Would having just The Beatles be preferable? Yes, of course. However, you won’t leave when The Beatles are performing. The Rabbids resemble a louder iteration of Nickelback.

mario rabbids original character edge annoying

Since I actually have something to say, I didn’t just come here to bash Ubisoft for trying to copy the Minions. [Editor’s Note: Eric is a swine who doesn’t know that rabbits precede the Minions by four years. Rather than TheGamer, please hold it against him personally.

New Character

The sequel will feature a completely new character who is neither a friend of Mario nor a Rabbid imposter, as was revealed during the Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope livestream earlier this week. Edge is a goth girl-Rabbi, and I really wish she weren’t.

All players of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle who completed World 2, obtained Princess Peach, and then attempted to switch to a full Mario team soon learned that the game requires you to always have at least one Rabbid on your team. Despite knowing we would fire the jerks as soon as possible, Ubisoft forbade us from doing so. Despite Ubi’s best attempts, I was unable to experience Stockholm syndrome, and I emerged from it hating the Rabbids much more than before.


E.d.g.e, an unconventional character who defies the trend of pairing Mario characters with Rabbid impersonators, reappears twice more in Mario + Rabbids 2. Although she doesn’t resemble Rabbid Bowser as I would expect from Mario characters and Rabbid impersonators pairings, Edge remains memorable due to her unorthodox design and unique appearances as not just another beloved Mario character but an independent one altogether. Therefore she stands as proof of that assertion!

E.d.g.e reminds me of all of the amazing Mario characters she could have been, yet instead became E.d.g.e. The key image for Sparks of Hope features eight characters – which corresponds with how many were in Mario + Rabbids originally, suggesting Yoshi may be missing from it altogether.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong was no longer present, along with Koopalings, Wario, Waluigi, Birdo, Diddy Kong Toad Daisy Bowser Jr and King Boo; even Rabbid Yoshi and Rabbid Luigi who I had come to tolerate had disappeared, leaving us only Edge as an anime sword wielding goth girlfriend as our protagonist instead of these fantastic alternatives. Although I would rather that Ubisoft stopped trying to popularise Rabbids, they already are. Since Rayman Raving Rabbids was released there have been at least eight more games with over 20 million copies sold worldwide.


Years have passed since Ubisoft attempted to get a Rabbids movie made, and combining them with Mario has almost certainly raised their cultural worth. I’ve never played another Rabbid game, but this one was so well-liked that the Rabbids appeared in Smash Bros.

Ultimate as Spirits and a Mii Costume. I can appreciate Ubisoft’s desire to introduce a new Rabbid character and capitalise as much as possible on the Mario connection, but I can’t even begin to express how little I care about Edge the Rabbid. Don’t test me; if we try to turn this into a meme like Morbius, I’ll turn into the Joker.


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