Path of Exile Basics and Tips for Beginner Players

Path of Exiles, more commonly referred to by its acronym PoE, is a grind-based story-oriented RPG similar to Diablo in many aspects, yet boasts unique elements beyond Blizzard’s project scope.

Path of Exile Basics and Tips for Beginner Players

Key points that will be useful for beginners

PoE differs significantly from Diablo in many regards, from its mechanics to the endgame that ensues upon completing certain acts.

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Path of Exile


As soon as the game begins, six main characters will be available to choose and initiate play with.

  • The Savage is the archetypal warrior who wields two-handed axes and maces for swift, powerful attacks that yield devastating outcomes.
  • The Hunter is an all-purpose hero that can choose between long range bow attacks or close contact battles with critical and quick attacks using his sword.
  • Priest is a magical class that uses its magical energy to deal melee damage, while Witch is an intelligent hero with many skills that absorb some damage before it affects her main health.
  • Duelists are physical fighters who choose their steel weaponry – such as swords or axes – carefully for battle, while bandits use numerous short attacks with daggers or claws, often to devastating effect.

Once you complete part of the acts and save a noblewoman, you will earn yourself permission to play as this hero yourself and develop him freely – no restrictions exist when choosing his class and direction for learning skills.

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Abilities and skill points

Gaining levels will not unlock new skills; rather, you will receive characteristic points which may be distributed according to your discretion.

It is necessary for studying and installing special stones, which we will get back to shortly.

Importantly, as you progress through each level, you will acquire passive skills that provide additional aid when attacking or defending against heroes.

Learning passive skills varies for all heroes as their starting points differ across the skill tree. Only noblewomen have priority as she stands at its very center and can freely choose her development path.

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Path of Exile’s active skills work based on stones and gems obtained from monsters; each stone or gem will possess random effects with specific requirements in order for your hero to use it effectively.

Assume you were struck by lightning. Given this is a magical skill, your hero needs both intelligence and an aptitude for magic as well as appropriate weapons in order to install the stone into their weapon or equipment and install the lightning strike stone correctly.

Reinforcing stones are another type of stones used for protection and reinforcement.

By itself, this item provides no benefit; however, placing it within close proximity of an attacker could result in some sort of increase.

Example: if you use a stone projectile with its amplifier active, its effect will not only hit its intended target, but will also spread throughout nearby enemies and affect all those close by.

Aura stones are another type of precious stones.

An aura is the lasting influence of something on us until either it fades away, we die or cancel its effect on ourselves.

Stones combined with offensive or defensive skills give heroes additional attack or defense parameters.

Weapons, equipment and sockets

Once you begin playing Path of Exile, an abundance of weapons and equipment will begin appearing before your very eyes – initially this may seem cool or useful at first, but eventually you may realize there are rewards without real purpose; at which point, you may stop collecting all unnecessary rewards.

Items equipped with sockets are ideal for activating stones; more of these tools is always better!

Weapons may feature up to six sockets; armor can have one to three. Accessories come equipped with either one or three sockets.

Make the most of every opportunity and combine your skills with protective and enhancing powers; leveling up will then be swift and enjoyable.

Leveling up

PoE provides its players with their main development from killing monsters for levels. Quests play an integral part in this regard; however, their role tends to be more of a reward system rather than one which defines priority mechanics.

Your best option for leveling up in PoE is either clearing locations and killing monsters that are several levels above you, or purchasing a POE boost service and jumping straight to endgame and leagues.


PoE does not feature the typical endgame experience found in Diablo games; however, its system of leagues and motivations provides its own compelling endgame experience.

These seasons typically launch every few months and completely refresh all content and achievements for those who have completed all acts.

Events must be completed once more or use PoE booster to rapidly complete them and advance to league play once all acts have been performed.

Each league brings its own set of challenges that require you to discover and develop new skills to effectively address.

PoE players love the game because of its dedication to grinding and unique replayability – an aspect which is sure to appeal to those interested in character creation or grinding in general.

Leagues will feature raid bosses and other sources of danger and loot in less-than-obvious ways; standard interactions could take unexpected turns such as summoning powerful demons for mass attacks.


PoE offers players a unique plot and atmosphere unlike any other MMO; players have nearly complete freedom in how they create and evolve their character; some may avail of PoE services to enter leagues; however, others will simply explore formats proposed by developers and take inspiration from them when developing characters of their own.

Poker is an engaging system of active skills which draws heavily upon both luck and perseverance among its many participants.

Fans of storylines will delight in following the characters portrayed in Path of Exile’s narrative – especially its noblewomen! However, those looking for further grinding can opt for poe boosting and league systems for additional grinding sessions.

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