Pull a Sword Codes (May 2024)

Pull a Sword Codes (May 2024): Pull a Sword is a Roblox game where players must pull swords out from a stone, each offering different stats and abilities. Players may also collect pets or items which may assist their journey.

Pull a Sword codes provide players with special coupons they can redeem to claim rewards at no cost – these codes can be found both within the game itself, on its social media pages and other sources online.

About Pull a Sword Codes

“Roblox Pull a Sword is an automated training game intended for developing physical strength. It allows players to showcase their skills by extracting powerful swords from stone.”Players in this casual title with its distinct concept can further strengthen themselves through rebirthing while amassing an impressive sword collection, hatch eggs to acquire powerful pets, or collect Limited UGCs.”

Pull a Sword Codes
Pull a Sword Codes (May 2024)

Pull a Sword Codes (Working)

Redeem CodeReward
ghostydog4Free rewards
PotionCode542Free rewards
ytcode24690Win Potion
likedog2Dog Pet
newcode48Win Potion
likecatFree pet
code900Free pet (YouTube)
code492Free pet (YouTube)
twcode1Free pet (YouTube)
ytopcode91Free pet (YouTube)
RELEASEFree rewards (Twitter)

How to Redeem Pull a Sword Codes?

To redeem a Pull a Sword code, follow these steps.

  • Launch the game and click on the Twitter or YouTube Codes button on either side of the screen to generate code links for Twitter or YouTube.
  • Grab one of our codes from our list and enter it into the text box.
  • Simply hit the Verify button to claim your reward!

How to Get More Pull a Sword Codes?

To unlock more codes, join our Discord server! Staying informed with news, receiving updates and engaging in discussions will allow you to stay abreast of what’s new as you connect with other players there. Alternatively, this wiki will be regularly updated with any latest codes, so stop back often for an up-to-date view!

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