NASA plans to send drones on Saturn’s largest moon

NASA plans to send drones : NASA has announced the dragon is being sent known as “Dragonfly” on Saturn’s largest moon Titan. The nuclear-powered mission will be part of the competition New Frontiers program that launched the ‘New Frontiers space shuttle, the first spacecraft that flew on the small planet Yum. Laurie Glez, director of NASA’s Planetary Science Department, said: “The thing which excites me most about this campaign is that all elements needed for life are present on ‘Titan.'”

NASA plans to send drones on Saturn's largest moon 'titan'

The drone is scheduled to be launched in 2026 and then reach ‘Titan’ by 2034. Before that, the drone is expected to bring some pitchers onto Titan and later to an underground pit. The price of this project has been set at around the amount of $85 million.

In a statement issued by the American Space Agency a few months ago, Mimi Ang, project manager of Mars Helicopter at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, located in Pasadena, California, had said, ‘Next time we will fly, fly on Mars.’ Mars helicopter will be launched as a technology demonstrator from Space Launch Complex 41 of Cape Canyon Air Force Station, Florida, in July 2020 with a United Launch Alliance Atlas V Rocket with the Mars Helicopter 2020 Rover. It is likely to reach Mars in February 2021.

NASA plans  1 to send drones on Saturn's largest moon 'titan'

Earlier, discoveries of scientists had come to light about the presence of water on Mars. Scientists estimate that volcano activity may occur on the surface of Mars because the company of water on the red planet is not possible without the source of heat under the surface. In earlier research, it was suggested that there is water under the snow-covered South Pole on Mars.


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