Mr. X Is Resident Evil 2’s Best and Worst

Mr. X: Tyrant is recognisable if you’ve played the Resident Evil 2 remake, the 1998 PlayStation game, or any other classic Resident Evil game where the opponent appears in several forms. In Resident Evil 2, he was dubbed Mr. X.

In the original Resident Evil 2, he is a near-immortal bullet-sponge that hunts you through the police station and beyond. He wears a fedora and is a bullet-sponge that hunts you through the police station and beyond in the Resident Evil 2 remake. You can see him walking and adjusting his neck here.
He’s confusing me while I play Resident Evil 2. He was terrifying in the first game, but he wasn’t that evil. I beat him a few times back then, but his new look and thundering footsteps make him much more intimidating in 2019. My heart freezes as he comes through the door, and I pray I don’t get cornered, even though I usually do.

Then there are the times of ecstasy when I locate what I need and rush to the room where I need it, and he arrives. He’s like a mall kiosk worker attempting to sell me hand lotion when I want a pretzel. He hits me hard as I run past. I have to smash a house plant to dust to consume it and feel better.

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Impression of Mr. X

Mr. X

The fedora and trench coat make him appear like a buffoon who may start “Singin’ in the Rain” any minute. Capcom recognised this significance by adding an accomplishment for shooting Mr. X’s cap.
The fedora was part of Mr. X’s initial design, but it was removed when Resident Evil 2 was remade. The headgear is strange, but as you shoot it off and he continues Apriling at you, he becomes scary.

I made a Venn diagram to explain my complex sentiments for him.
His use of the game is good. I haven’t played Resident Evil 2, but my experience with the first game suggests I won’t see him again. To make it more powerful, I saved the footage and shortened it. I was so delighted when the claws pierced through his chest and he slumped to the ground.
I like Mr. X, but I loathe him while I’m playing. He’s obnoxious, scary, and funny, yet I like how much he gets me going. I’m excited for his death.

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