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Master of Magic Classic Free, For a limited Time


Master of Magic Classic Free: Master of Magic is a classic strategy game, like Civilization and Master of Orion. It offered you a town, scout, and a wizard instead of Abraham Lincoln in 1994. Magic research lets you summon soldiers and cast hundreds of spells. Master of Magic Classic is free on GOG.
Master of Magic was initially published by Microprose, then Atari, until Slitherine rescued it from oblivion with Caster of Magic DLC 25 years later. Slitherine will publish a Master of Magic remake by Polish company MuHa Games on December 13.
GOG is celebrating its 14th anniversary by offering Master of Magic Classic and Skyrim. People wanted that, yes. It has almost 15,000 votes on GOG’s wishlist forum. GOG is discounting almost 900 titles. Some highlights:

Master of Magic Classic Free

Master of Magic Classic Free

The free version of Master of Magic Classic will be accessible until Sunday, October 2, at 3 p.m. PST/11 p.m. BST. In a series of dev diaries, the remake’s creators have been outlining what’s new in their version and explaining their decisions, including why they changed spells like web and flying fortress, increased unit movement, gave magical ranged attacks ammunition, and decreased the hydra’s number of heads from nine to three. It will be possible to purchase the remake via GOG, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.

In December, the Master of Magic remake will be released.


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