ClawOnTwitch Banned: Twitch Bans the Controversial Streamer

ClawOnTwitch Banned: Already notorious Twitch streamer ClawOnTwitch was banned recently. Twitch bans ClawOnTwitch for new grounds. ClawOnTwitch is a controversial streamer who was banned in 2020 for exhibiting nudity.

There’s a lot of news online concerning Twitch bans these days, some unexpected and interesting, others banal. Following complaints of domestic violence, ClawOnTwitch was banned before any concerns could be addressed.

ClawOnTwitch Banned: Why is he Banned?

ClawOnTwitch Banned
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ClawOnTwitch is banned after YouTuber Destiny made domestic violence charges during his broadcast. Destiny broadcast an audio clip of ClawOnTwitch reportedly assaulting his fiancée, leading to his suspension from Twitch.
Accusations may be devastating to streamers and online personalities, who rely on public impression. Twitch avoids violence and other hazardous circumstances. So, ClawOnTwitch is temporarily blocked. ClawOnTwitch says the charges are baseless and told Chaeiry that people are trying to smear his reputation.
Most of the news regarding Twitch in recent years has been contentious, which may be due to the media’s effect on people’s attention. Only dramatic, sensational news sells, so people aren’t interested in anything until it’s controversial.

Twitch has a lot of fun, exciting material, like this broadcaster who finished all 296 N64 games live, but it’s sometimes overshadowed by unpleasant news. Despite all the gambling broadcast scandals and other streamer controversies, some streamers and gamers still utilise Twitch as a community platform to share video games.
As ClawOnTwitch faces another ban and other broadcasters confront problems on Twitch, news articles, podcasts, and videos are everywhere. Despite the uproar, Twitch and YouTube remain popular video game broadcasting services.

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