Dead Space Remake Release Date: No Loading Screens this time

Dead Space Remake Release Date: As the release date for EA’s Dead Space reboot nears, fresh information emerge.
EA’s Dead Space reboot will use a one-shot camera, like God of War 2018. Dead Space released in 2008, thus fans were eager to hear about a remake. EA Motive, which previously worked on Star Wars: Squadrons and Star Wars: Battlefront 2, is developing the Dead Space remake.

Dead Space Remake Release Date

EA has unveiled more of Dead Space after confirming its March 2023 release. The remake isn’t that different from the original, although it does include Motive’s ALIVE system. The ALIVE system in Dead Space will detect Isaac’s movement and actions, making his discourse more strained after fighting or indicating his exhaustion in movement animations.

Dead Space Remake Release Date
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Dead Space Remake will also have new mechanics. According to a recent blog post from EA, the remake will not include any loading scenes. Only when a player dies to a Necromorph will a loading screen appear; otherwise, they may wander at will.

Producer’s Saying

Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme said the Necromorph-infested Ishimura is “completely linked.” Ducharme said EA’s Frostbite technology enables these and other graphical modifications to lighting and zero-gravity parts. 2018’s God of War likewise had no loading screens until the player died.

Ducharme said the Dead Space Reboot is a “new and improved experience” While fans will remember much from the first game, additional elements will fill out the story and offer “depth.” Due to the ALIVE system, the Dead Space remake will have more violence, comparable to The Callisto Protocol.

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