The Morrow parish safe code: Unlock the puzzle

Morrow parish safe code: In Remmnant 2 puzzles play a pivotal role, and can be found throughout each world of its worlds. Puzzles range from unlocking doors or defeating bosses using specific methods, to simple safe lock challenges – each playing out differently depending on its surroundings and players approaches to them.

The Morrow parish safe code: Unlock the puzzle

As you explore Losomn while following The Asylum storyline, you will come upon a sanatorium filled with patients and hostile nurses that wants nothing other than for you to die.

However this location holds more than meets the eye; one such secret being hidden here: the Sanatorium Safe.

There are two ways to discover Morrow parish safe code:

  1. Pay Attention to Dr. Marrow’s Song: As you explore the basement of the sanatorium, listen for Dr. Marrow singing his famous tune: two copper teeth plucked out from nine abandoned combs and seven yellowed leaves pulled out from one forgotten book.” Paying close attention can reveal its secret code – simply by subtracting 1 from each phrase (2 for teeth 9 for combs and 7 for leaves = 2971).
  2. Find Stone-Carved Dolls: Three stone-carved dolls have been concealed within the asylum, waiting to be given back to Dr. Marrow in exchange for unlocking her cell door and receiving your safe code. Be careful; doing this could cause her to vanish completely.

What is the Morrow parish safe code in Remnant 2 ?

Morrow Parish Safe combination is 2971. To unlock and access its contents players simply input this number and unlock its lock – unlatching and opening up its safe. Inside is where players will discover access to a Double Barrel Shotgun capable of accepting handgun ammo in its secondary slot for ammo storage purposes.

Do You Wonder the Code in Bloodborne? Those curious enough will discover that its secret code doesn’t appear anywhere written – nor in books scattered around an asylum – rather, players must listen out for when Dr. Marrow starts singing her passage at her basement cell when locked by clinical staff – those running past may witness her begin performing it when locked out by clinical staff.

How Good is The Double Barrel?

Double Barrel Handgun StatsValue
RPS (Rounds Per Second)2.3
Ideal Range7m
Falloff Range20m
Max Ammo24
Critical Hit Chance5%
Weak Spot Damage+100%
Stagger Modifier10%

Frequently asked questions:

What is the safe code in Morrow Parish Asylum?

The code for the safe in the asylum in Morrow Parish is 2971. This code is given to you by a character that is locked in a room in the basement, near the spider webs.

How do you unlock the safe in Morrow Parish?

You can ascertain that the combination is 2971.

What is the safe in Morrow Parrish Asylum?

If you go down to the basement of the sanatorium, you’ll find a person trapped behind a locked door; that’s the Head Doctor. 

What is the safe code in the waiting room?

The combination is 6 to 11. I repeat that is 6 left to right 11. Left it is the same combo in all

What is the code for the safe and door in Lost Judgement?

You should have two passcodes: “0508” and “8010”. “8010” is the code for the safe, so open it to get To Crush a Dragon. Now go back to the keypad door and use “0508”.

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