Starfield caelumite: locations where you can find?

Starfield caelumite is an extremely rare mineral resource within Starfield video game. Rated three-star for value and used to craft weapons and armor upgrades as well as starship upgrades caelumite is highly sought-after resource that should never go untouched.

Starfield caelumite

Additionally caelumite may appear in certain crafting recipes using high-end weapons like M-16 rifles or SKS M1 tanks using this precious mineral may bring great rewards.

specific locations where you can find Starfield caelumite:

  • Near Artifacts: This is the most common way to find Caelumite. When you find an Artifact be sure to scan the area for Caelumite deposits.
  • Gravitational Anomalies: Gravitational anomalies may sometimes be observed near temples on planets containing temples on occasion caelumite deposits contain such anomalies as well.
  • Vendors: Caelumite can be purchased from various vendors such as Midtown Minerals and Mining League.
  • Pickpocketing: Caelumite can often be found through pillaging enemy units or containers in its immediate area.
Starfield caelumite 2

How to use Starfield caelumite:

Starfield caelumite has two main uses:

1. Crafting:

  • Caelumite can be used to craft high-end spacesuit armor mods as you level up in Spacesuit Design skill becoming accessible as your proficiency advances and your character progresses further along their quest line.
  • As time progresses, more modifications become available as they move along their questline.
  • Specific Mods Utilizing Caelumite: These modifications use Caelumite in various capacities:
    • Gravitic Composites: Increase stealth by decreasing detection radius.
    • Enhanced Shielding: Strengthen the resistance of your shield to all types of damage by increasing its resilience against various kinds of threats.
    • Kinetic Capacitor: Add energy regeneration capabilities to your jetpack with this Kinetic Capacitor.
  • Caelumite can become important later in the game for upgrades that involve specific weapons or starship modifications though such requirements tend to occur less frequently.
Starfield caelumite 3

2. Selling:

  • Caelumite is one of the game is most desirable resources so selling it for large credit amounts may offer an easy and speedy means to generate instant income if crafting isn’t currently your focus.
  • Crafting: If crafting is key to your character development goals prioritize Caelumite for crafting useful armor mods using it as raw material.
  • Consider Selling Later: Once your armor mods have been created Caelumite may become more valuable when sold to generate credits should financial strain become an issue.
  • Use Elemental Pull for faster Caelumite mining: Although Caelumite mining with cutters might seem faster Elemental Pulls multiple chunk collection feature can significantly speed up mining activity more so than using just cutters alone.

Frequently asked questions:

Is Caelumite useful in Starfield?

Despite being considered almost a tier of its own, this unique resource doesn’t seem to have much use in-game yet

Can you mine Caelumite Starfield?

Caelumite takes ages to mine by hand, but you can use Elemental Pull to grab 20-40 instantly.

What can you craft with Caelumite in Starfield?

Caelumite is a different kind of resource that is available to you in Starfield. It’s a unique, inorganic resource that can only be found in specific places.

Can you farm Caelumite?

Once you finish Into The Unknown quest, you’ll start getting multiple smaller missions to gain more Powers, which also gives you more planets to farm Caelumite on

What is the rarest resource in Starfield?

The Vytinium Fuel Rod is an extremely rare manufactured component in Starfield.

Can you romance in Starfield?

There are four characters you can have a romantic relationship with in Starfield.

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