Latest tricks to free the artist in bg3

Tricks to free the artist in bg3: To secure Brem’s release from imprisonment, negotiate for a reduced price or intimidate him into giving her up voluntarily. Assist Oskar in fleeing by distracting Brem and discreetly unlocking her cell. Avoid violence to prevent further escalated tension. At Filthy Lucre Tavern accept Oskar’s quest regarding Mystic Carrion’s Mansion by either seeking permission through quest completion or confronting Mystic Carrion directly – either way this should help Oskar out more efficiently than before.

Latest tricks to free the artist in bg3

Different way to free the artist bg3

1st one:In order to secure Brem’s freedom, approach Brem, the Zhentarim guard. He sets his price at 1,000 gold; however if your Persuasion check (DC 15) works successfully could bring down this figure to 600 gold or by intimidating him using Intimidation check (DC 20), which may work without payment; you should choose carefully in order to achieve maximum results.

Help Oskar escape:Distract Brem by making noise – for example by casting spells or engaging in nearby combat – then use Dexterity or Thieves’ Cant to open Oskar’s prison cell door using these respective attributes.

Be wary: any violent actions such as murdering guards could escalate tension further and hinder escape attempts. And keep Oskar in mind; leaving her behind won’t hinder main story progression.

2nd one: Filthy Lucre Tavern in Baldur’s Gate will help Oskar. Accept his side quest regarding Mystic Carrion’s Mansion; there are two approaches available here – either complete Mystic Carrion’s “Find Thrumbo” quest in order to gain permission, search its grounds or directly kill him and loot its chest behind his desk directly – take your pick! When making this choice of how best to assist Oskar.

Note: These options are mutually exclusive.

How you can Break the Curse to free the artist in bg3:

Once you acquire the Torch of Revocation, return to Oskar at Lady Jannath’s estate and use it against Kerri Evenfield’s painting in her bedroom. Persuasion or intimidation might help mitigate her anger; otherwise confrontation should always remain as an option to ensure Kerri’s storyline progresses uninterrupted.

What you will get from from free the artist in bg3:

As you discover Oskar’s masterpiece painting in Baldur’s Gate and gain experience points and gold from it, not only will you gain further insight into his story and Baldur’s Gate’s fascinating history; additionally you may gain rewards that further your adventure across this wonderful realm. Explore every inch to unlock every secret in Baldurs Gate while experiencing adventure after adventure along the way.

Trick to complete it :

  • No single path exists to fulfill your quest; each decision you make could impact its outcomes and relationships among characters involved, so choose those which best reflect your desired roleplay preferences and outcomes.
  • Explore all available approaches, and identify those which support your strengths as part of an integral party unit.

Frequently asked question:

What’s the reward for freeing Oskar? 

you’ll receive a unique painting from him, experience points, and gold. Additionally, it unlocks a larger side quest in Act 3.

Does freeing Oskar affect the main story?

No, it’s an optional side quest.

What are the different ways to free Oskar in Act 1?

 Buy him for 1,000 gold.

Can I save money buying Oskar?

Yes, pass a Persuasion (DC 15) or Intimidation (DC 20) check against Brem to reduce the price to 600 gold.

Is there another way to get the 1,000 gold without buying Oskar?

Pickpocketing Zhentarim or exploring the Underdark for valuables are options.

Where do I find Oskar in Act 3?

He’s at the Filthy Lucre tavern in Baldur’s Gate.

What’s the “Find Thrumbo” quest about?

Completing it allows you to search Mystic Carrion’s mansion for the “Torch of Revocation” to break Oskar’s curse.

Can I kill Mystic Carrion instead? 

Yes, but you’ll have to loot the torch from his desk.

Is there a peaceful way to resolve the “Find Thrumbo” quest? 

Yes, persuade Mystic Carrion to let you search his mansion.

Do I need to fight Kerri’s spirit?

Only if you fail Persuasion/Intimidation checks to calm her.

What happens if I attack the painting without the torch?

Kerri’s spirit will attack you immediately.

Can I use the Torch of Revocation for anything else?

Yes, it breaks other curses throughout the game.

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