Subnautica aurora codes: Latest updates

Subnautica aurora codes act like key to open locks of the door which safeguard critical locations and systems, creating an immersive exploration experience reminiscent of real world security measures.

Solving these puzzle-like codes provides immense satisfaction – adding even greater meaning to Subnautica journey. Subnautica keeps all skill levels engaged.

Subnautica aurora codes

Subnautica aurora codes for all the doors:

RoomDoor Code
Captain’s Quarters2679
Lab Access6483
Cabin 11869
Cargo Bay1454
Aurora door 6666

 Location of locked rooms in Subnautica aurora:

Cargo BaySupply crates, up to 3 Cyclops engine fragments, Captain’s Log data download
LaboratoryVarious sample flasks, supply crates, microscope, sample analyzer
Cabin 1Blue Cap, Arcade Gorge Toy cosmetics

 Important upgrades and items that are not in locked rooms.

Prawn BayPrawn suit fragments, Storage module
Seamoth BaySeamoth Depth Module Mk1, damaged Seamoth pieces
Drive RoomCyclops Engine Efficiency module

Frequently asked questions

Is there anything important on the Aurora Subnautica?

You will need to bring with you: laser cutter, repair gun, flashlight, 3 fire extinguishers, propulsion gun.

Can you explore the aurora before it explodes?

You cannot enter the Aurora before it has blown up, only two access points are in the middle of the ship so without noclipping you cannot access them.

What happens if you touch Aurora?

 the aurora are essentially photon emissions from nitrogen and oxygen molecules, so you can’t really touch it.

How long after the 2 hour warning does the Aurora explode?

On both Experimental and Stable, it explodes an in-game day later.

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