How to reach cazador in bg3

cazador in bg3 is the powerful, ruthless, and somewhat melodramatic Vampire Lord of Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to reach cazador in bg3

Reaching cazador in bg3 involves several steps:

1. Unlocking the Lower City: In Act 3, to reach Cazador, follow your story until unlocking this area of Lower City. Look out for an entrance near one of your waypoints near southeast corner that leads directly into this part of Lower City; this entrance should take you straight towards Cazador.

cazador in bg3

2. Locating Szarr Palace South Tower: When in Lower City, head towards Cazador’s home at the bottom-left corner; here, an “Szarr Palace South Tower” should help make finding him much simpler.

3. Entering the Palace: Although entering through its main entrance may require special authorization and key, other approaches exist if that doesn’t work: sneak through ground floor kennels or climb rooftop ledges may gain you entry; just be wary when taking either route.

4. Acquire Szarr Family Ring and Kozakuran Dictionary: Before entering Cazador through its “Sinister Door,” two essential items must first be collected: 1) Godey the Skeleton can offer this item through charm or stealth while 2) Kozakuran Dictionary can often be found hidden near an elaborate wardrobe that exudes dark magic; look carefully near this wardrobe until you discover its location.

5. Unlocking the Sinister Door: Once you have collected both items, head towards the Sinister Door so it opens automatically – leading to an encounter between werewolves and their animal allies.

6. Descending to Cazador’s Dungeon: When your battle has concluded, take immediate steps back up the elevator before slowly making your descent into Cazador’s Dungeon with great caution, bearing in mind there may be traps or enemies waiting below – be wary when exploring this hazardous location; remain wary as you progress deeper within its depths.

7. Engage Cazador: Be ready for an intense battle when you reach the bottom of the dungeon and meet Cazador, its boss! Be aware: engaging him could prove challenging so make sure all your skills are ready before engaging him.

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