The Haunting: Mysteries of Dribbles the clown in bg3

Dribbles the clown in bg3: Dribbles to mislead others and use you during his performances in order to reveal himself as well as attack other similar-appearing creatures! When directly engaged by Fumm during one of these performances – for instance during your fight – his true form will instantly reveal itself by striking directly, followed by more attacks by similar creature.

Dribbles the clown bg3

After defeating Fumm, circus ringmaster Lucretius informs you of Dribbles being abducted or even dead; and requests your assistance in either finding him alive or using necromancy to revive him if possible.

As your journey unfolds Dribbles the clown in bg3 pieces of Dribbles may appear scattered about Baldurs Gate to help in your hunt to locate him – hinting at his tragic end and drawing attention to your quest: “Find Dribbles the Clown.

Dribbles the clown bg3 2

Locations where you can find Dribbles the clown in bg3 body parts:

1. The Head:

Set off from Temple of Bhaal waypoint in a northeast direction and explore Undercity Ruins. Keep an eye out for alcoves with Dribbles head sitting atop them – these small structures contain numerous bones which will lead you straight to him.

2. The Torso:

Navigating its ornate wooden hatch in Temple Kitchen, explore the Crypt Underneath the Open Hand Temple by entering through its Ornate Wooden Hatch once inside you have found Dribbles grave. Descend its passageways until reaching his body – you have discovered his final resting place.

3. The Hand:

Visit Popper stall in the Circus area, and keep an eye out for his display featuring Dribbles severed hand as an intriguing souvenir.

4. The Pelvis:

Travel north from Basilisk Gate and look for any unoccupied buildings just beyond it any with one room could be where your pelvis should rest on the floor.

Dribbles the clown bg3 3

5. The Foot:

Navigate west from Beehive General Goods and southeast from The Blushing Mermaid towards Rainforest’s House located between them both heading directly for its basement just be careful to avoid traps as Dribbles could possibly have his foot hidden there! Who knows- you might just come face-to-face with him.

Why you need Dribbles body parts:

Dribbles the clown bg3 4

Once armed with all of Dribbles body parts return them to Lucretius who may use necromancy to revive him as an unthinking zombie – this decision will play an integral role in how your game unfolds.

Frequently asked questions:

What do you get for finding dribbles the clown?

 The reward for this quest is the Spellmight Glove.

How many pieces of Dribbles the Clown are there?

Seven body parts can be found all across Baldur’s Gate and Rivington. One of the biggest quests in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3

Where is the last piece of Dribbles the Clown?

since it’s located near the Temple of Bhaal, and requires a fair bit of progress into the main story quest involving Orin. First, you’ll have to make your way into the sewers. 

Can you resurrect dribbles the Clown?

After his parts are returned, Lucretious says she will be able to resurrect him so that he can continue performing.

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