The hunter in starfield: Should You kill him or not?

The Hunter in starfield is an engaging character who plays an essential part in our main plotline.

How to Identify the Hunter in starfield:

At first the hunter in starfield is an unsettling character searching the universe for powerful Artifacts. Though not usually kind or friendly often resorting to violence to achieve his goals.

Piloting an unusual black spaceship named Scorpius.

As we discover later on in the film he turns out to be an altered version of Keeper Aquilus from another universe; each time being reincarnated as Starborn to gain strength and collect artifacts which leads him down an increasingly darker path.

Motivations: The hunter believes only tough characters should access the Unity an energy field connecting universes. Humans seem weak to him so he wants to prevent them from approaching it even at the cost of clashing with humans who guide humanity – which means clashing with an Emissary responsible for leading humanity.

The hunter

His real motivation, however, comes from ambition and protecting what he thinks should remain protected at any cost – his driving factor being his drive for power and his odd idea for protecting it!

Significance: The hunter serves as an alarm bell against the pervasive corruption that comes with power even for those with good intentions. Dealing with him requires players to question who they can trust and this ultimately determines the fate of our universe.

how you can kill the hunter

Combatting The Hunter means engaging him head on during your final mission.

Be wary: The hunters weapons can teleport so strong fighting skills and preparation will be required to defeat him without altering the ending or altering any story-options that involve him.

Be warned – defeating The Hunter might change its ending or alter story options associated with him.

Alternately, try talking to hunter instead of fighting with him.

Your ability at persuasion could convince The Hunter to change his ways or collaborate on another ending for greater peace and tranquility.

There’s also the option of teaming up with The Hunter despite it not being ideal doing so will result in a unique ending tied to that action.

Consequences of Killing:

Killing The Hunter will put him out of your game forever meaning no further stories involving him or seeing him again in any form whatsoever.

Violence may go against what your character firmly believes altering how you view their story and altering how much of an emotional impact violence will have.

Killing him means missing out on some of the numerous endings available in this game and some parts of its story that may unfold along different tracks.

You could miss out entirely.

Frequently asked questions:

What happens if you choose the hunter in Starfield?

If you side with the Hunter, you’ll have to fight the Emissary and their forces in the mission “Revelation” later on, this time with the Hunter as an NPC ally.

What happens if you side with the Hunter Starfield?

If you side with the Hunter, you fight against the Emissary in the “Revelations” quest.

What does the hunter do in Starfield?

The Hunter is a very old and powerful Starborn, who seeks to increase his power by repeatedly traveling between universes and collecting Artifacts, by any means necessary.

Should I pick Emissary or Hunter?

While the Emissary is seemingly the more peaceful, lawful good option, you might want to consider siding with the Hunter’s more chaotic ways. Or you can simply strike out on your own and do whatever you want it all up to you.

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