Elden Ring Miquellas needle How to Get (April 2024)

Elden Ring offers many possible outcomes depending on how you engage or vanquish the various characters, with most goods providing either benefits or drawbacks; one item, however, could alter its course entirely: Miquellas needle. Here is our Elden Ring guide on acquiring and using Miquellas needle effectively in game!

Method for Acquiring Miquellas Needle via Elden Ring

To acquire this item, return an unalloyed gold needle to Scarlet Aeonia as part of Millicent’s questline and assist her against her sisters if you wish to obtain this unalloyed needle – referring back to our walkthrough can provide more details regarding Millicent’s missions and questlines.

Elden Ring Miquellas needle How to Get

After you have vanquished Malenia, the blade of Miquella, and obtained the unalloyed gold needle, you should offer it to Scarlet Aeonia.

Techniques for Using Miquella’s Needle

One of the possible conclusions involves playing as Lord of Frenzied Flame; you become consumed in flames as an Elden Lord before using your immense firepower to conquer all of Lands Between as one. Personally speaking, I found this ending more unpleasant than disappointing; however Miquella’s needle can provide anyone who wishes to change this outcome with assistance by following these steps:

Reach the Crumbling Azula to meet Dragonlord Placidusax and discover his preferred routes with our help.

  • Once you arrive at Dragonlord Placidusax’s cave, take out Miquella’s needle and apply it in front of him as soon as you arrive.
  • Choose “Tame the Flame of Fury”, and click on the Yes option as you utilize this action.
  • By doing this, any negative impacts or conclusions in Lord of Frenzied Flame will be neutralised.
  • By reading through our guide, you may gain more insight into all the possible conclusions you could reach.

After my walkthrough for Miquella’s Elden Ring needle, we now come to an end of this article series. If this article resonated with you, take a look at our tutorials about avoiding Waterfowl dance, using Cookbooks efficiently, and choosing weapons suitable to employ in later stages of Elden Ring.

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