Elden Ring Miquellas needle How to Get

Numerous possible conclusions may be reached in Elden Ring depending on how you choose to engage with or vanquish the various characters. The majority of goods provide either benefits or drawbacks, but this one may change the story’s conclusion. One of the game’s deadliest endings is susceptible to Miquellas needle. This is our Elden Ring instruction for acquiring and using Miquellas needle.

Methods for Acquiring Miquellas needle by Using the Elden Ring

To get this item, you must return the unalloyed gold needle to the Scarlet Aeonia, which is part of Millicent’s questline. It’s imperative that you aid Millicent in her struggle against her sisters if you want to get an unalloyed gold needle. View our walkthrough for information on Millicent’s quests.

Elden Ring Miquellas needle How to Get

After you have vanquished Malenia, the blade of Miquella, and obtained the unalloyed gold needle, you should offer it to Scarlet Aeonia.

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Techniques for Using Miquella’s Needle

In one of the possible conclusions, the player assumes the role of Lord of Frenzied Flame. You are entirely engulfed by the flames while becoming an Elden Lord. To top it all off, you use your raging firepower to conquer the Lands Between as a whole. It’s more of a nasty ending than a poor one, at least for certain gamers like myself. However, Miquella’s needle is available for anyone who choose to alter this conclusion. The conclusion may be altered by following these instructions:

Get yourself to the Crumbling Azula, where Dragonlord Placidusax awaits. Learn the best routes to reach Dragonlord Placidusax with our help.

  • Apply the Miquella’s needle in front of Dragonlord Placidusax after you’ve arrived.
  • Select “Tame the flame of fury” and click “Yes” as you utilise it.
  • By doing this, the impact and the conclusion in Lord of Frenzied Flame will be cancelled.
  • You may learn more about the many conclusions you might reach by reading our guide.

That wraps up my walkthrough for the Elden Ring needle made by Miquella. If you like this article, you may also be interested in our tutorials on avoiding Waterfowl dance, making use of Cookbooks, and the finest weapons to employ in the latter stages of Elden Ring.

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