Midnight Club 5 PC: Release Date, PS4 and XBOX

Midnight Club 5 PC: For an authentic Los Angeles experience, nothing beats driving at 245 mph through a recreation of modern-day Los Angeles that has been meticulously recreated. Experience the thrill of driving some of the greatest tuners, muscle cars, exotics and superbikes currently on sale. Make your car unique by installing aftermarket performance parts and custom kits of highest quality available; unlicensed auto racing on public streets awaits at Midnight Club with no courses, load times or rules to contend with; come join the Midnight Club community!

The Midnight Club 5 PC background is as follows:

Midnight Club 5 PC

Rockstar San Diego (previously Angel Studio) created this arcade-style racing game; we will discuss further shortly. Rockstar Games developed it.

At Midtown Madness series games, contestants race from New York City to Tokyo to San Diego and Detroit. If you have ever experienced these experiences yourself, this game will feel familiar and exciting!

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Is the Xbox version of Midnight Club 5 available?

Midnight Club 5 will likely debut on PlayStation 5 and Xbox One, though PC could also be developed and launched as its platform of choice. According to Rockstar Games, however, no other project is in development at present other than Grand Theft Auto 5’s next-gen port project.

Should that be the case, Midnight Club 5 may become Rockstar’s next major release. After initially being pulled from stores in 2018, it has since been relisted with new aftermarket parts, music, vehicles and features set within Los Angeles’ South Central neighborhood.

Backwards compatibility for Xbox Series X version of this game extends backwards compatibility to all three prior generations of Xbox as well as Red Dead Redemption 2, L.A. Noire and The Division on PlayStation 4.

For those eagerly anticipating the next Midnight Club game, Xbox Series X provides an ideal solution. Midnight Club was one of the most acclaimed PlayStation 3 game series but suddenly disappeared from gaming landscape a decade ago.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition was published in 2009 after each book in the series sold well, and has not been updated since then.

Is Midnight Club 5 available for PS5?

On the Internet you’ll find the latest Midnight Club gossip. According to reports Rockstar is currently developing a sequel or follow up game for PlayStation Vita called GTA V.

Rumors swirl that an exciting new IP is in development. Backward compatibility will allow Xbox One & PlayStation 4 owners to play all their old games on this new platform.

Midnight Club might or might not be exclusive to PlayStation 5, as its exclusivity status remains undecided. Since Grand Theft Auto 5 remains Rockstar’s sole confirmed title, Midnight Club may become their next big release.

Rockstar Games will likely focus their development efforts on Grand Theft Auto 6, but in the meantime they have quietly listed Midnight Club Los Angeles: Complete Edition on Xbox Marketplace alongside PS5 and PC Switch versions of Midnight Club.

Midnight Club 5 will likely be released for both Xbox One and PlayStation 5 consoles simultaneously on November 10, 2020. This date has already been set as its expected date of release.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why did they stop making Midnight Club?

Rockstar was quick to assure us that licensing agreements between itself and publishers of music featured in Midnight Club games soundtracks did not extend past 2008. Midnight Club: Los Angeles was released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PSP users in 2008.

Will the Midnight Club return?

Although there have been reports of a new Midnight Club game some fans remain skeptical. They don’t believe Rockstar will give one of their well-known IPs to an unproven developer; but yet this specific company has no experience producing racing titles before.


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