What is Rocket League Tuna No Crust? 2024

Tuna No Crust: With Fast & Furious bundles now being offered for Rocket League Season 3, Tuna No Crust player titles have finally made it available in Rocket League Tuna NoCrust bundles. But what are its costs, and should I purchase them?

Tuna on a crust? Sounds absolutely repugnant to us, no? To qualify as “fresh,” however, a crust must exist for consideration of fresh tuna to exist as fresh. When prepared correctly though, great tuna has moist textures with salty flavors similar to oyster flesh that come together beautifully in every mouthful of tasty goodness! Rocket League Tuna NoCrust was introduced by Psyonix as part of their Fast & Furious bundles; which I find rather strange!

How much does Rocket League Tuna No Crust cost?

No purchase necessary: the Tuna No Crust player title may be found for free in Rocket League Item Store! No fast & furious bundle required.. just claim Tu-na No Crust from within Item Store… and voila – now like Paul Walker you are ready to draw some female attention… erm maybe not just yet?

Rocket League Tuna No Crust

What is the Tuna No Crust in Rocket League?

On August 17th we saw the Fast & Furious update and with it came a hilarious new player title called Rocket League Tuna NoCrust making reference to one of the iconic scenes in Fast and Furious 1, when Paul Walker orders a Tuna sandwich without cr-ust and sparks conversation with an unfamiliar woman in line behind. While we do not find anything distasteful in Rocket League including this iconic and humorous moment from one of its movies – just watch! – please note this scene’s relevance does not undermine its significance take a look!


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