What is Rocket League Tuna No Crust?

Tuna No Crust: The Fast & Furious bundles have finally made the Rocket League Tuna No Crust player title available. When it comes to new Fast & Furious bundles, only the Tuna No Crust player title is featured as part of Rocket League Season 3. How much does it cost, and should you get it?

Tuna on a crust? Isn’t that just a touch awful, right? In order to be considered fresh, a crust must be present. The best tuna is moist and squishy, with a salty flavor and a soft, spongy texture similar to that of an oyster. Rocket League Tuna No Crust has been launched by Psyonix as part of its Fast & Furious bundles. That’s a mystery to me.

How much does Rocket League Tuna No Crust cost?

Free to all Rocket League players, the Tuna No Crust player title may be found in the Item Store. Without purchasing any of the three Fast & Furious bundles, you can have Tu-na No Crust for free! The Rocket League Tu-na No Crust can be found in the Rocket League Item Store, so all you have to do is claim it. Finally, you’re done! Like Paul Walker, you’re ready to snag the ladies’ attention… well, maybe not. That man was quite sexy.

Rocket League Tuna No Crust

What is the Tuna No Crust in Rocket League?

Along with the introduction of the Fast & Furious update on June 17, a new player title called the Rocket League Tuna No Crust was also introduced. This is a rather amusing player title, since it makes a reference to the well-known Tuna Scene from the very first Fast and Furious movie. In the moment, Paul Walker places an order for a tu-na sandwich without the crust, as you could have anticipated. Oh, and he strikes up a conversation with the lady, of course. To be clear, we are not in any way upset about the inclusion of this well-known and hilarious moment into Rocket League. It is important to note that this is not the case. Take a look at this exciting scene!


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