Stardew Valley: How Can I Catch Midnight Carp?

Stardew Valley: How Can I Catch Midnight Carp? The Midnight Carp, which is one of the harder-to-find fish in Stardew Valley, can sometimes be asked for on the Help Wanted board. Most players just want to get this purple-finned friend to finish the game. You might be wondering how to catch it either way.

Midnight Carp Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley: How Can I Catch Midnight Carp

The Midnight Carp is a fish that is only available at night from Fall to Winter. Even though you can catch it with the Fiberglass Rod, it is easier to catch with the Iridium Rod. Because of this, it might be best to look for it if you have at least a Level 6 Fishing skill.

How to catch a Midnight Carp in general is as follows:

  • Until the end of the fall and beginning of the winter
  • You can catch it between 10 PM and 2 AM
  • A fish that can live in any kind of weather
  • Found in the forest pond, mountain lake, pond or river on Ginger Island, or even in the water on your farm if you have a farm layout with freshwater.
  • The following maps show these places. You can also catch Midnight Carp in the river on the north side of Ginger Island.

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