Lords of the Fallen Bosses: Where to find them?

Lords of the Fallen Bosses: Where to find them? Lords of the Fallen represents the most recent Soulslike game developed by Hexworks and CI Games. The game features numerous bosses distributed throughout the entire gameplay, each equipped with distinct move sets and skill groups. Furthermore, these formidable foes offer some of the game’s most powerful weaponry, capable of swiftly dispatching any adversary.

This article will present a comprehensive overview of all the bosses encountered in Lords of the Fallen in the order you will face them.

Lords of the Fallen bosses

Lords of the Fallen Bosses: Where to find them

BossLocationMandatory or Optional
Pieta, She of Blessed RenewalSkyrest BridgeMandatory
Scourged Sister DelythPilgrim’s PerchMandatory
Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of HoundsPilgrim’s PerchMandatory
The Congregator of FleshForsaken FenMandatory
Mendacious VisageForsaken FenOptional
The Hushed SaintForsaken FenMandatory
Crimson Rector PercivalFitzroy’s GorgeOptional
RuinerFitzroy’s GorgeMain
The LightreaperFitzroy’s Gorge, Defiled Sepulchre, Upper CalrathOptional
Infernal EnchantressLower CalrathMain
Spurned ProgenyUpper CalrathMain
Bringer of StillnessCisternOptional
Bringer of SilenceCisternOptional
Bringer of NullityCisternOptional
Harrower Dervla, the Pledged KnightRevelation DepthsOptional
Kinrangr Guardian FolardFief of the Chill CurseMain
Griefbound Rowena Fief of the Chill CurseOptional
The Hollow CrowFief of the Chill CurseMain
The Sacred Resonance of TenacityPilgrim’s PerchMain
Abiding DefendersManse of the Hallowed BrothersOptional
Blessed Carrion Knight SanishoTower of PenanceMain
Tancred, Master of CastigationsTower of PenanceMain
Reinhold the ImmuredTower of PenanceMain
Abbess UrsulaAbbey of the Hallowed SistersMain
Raptorous Huntress of the DuskAbbey of the Hallowed SistersOptional
Judge Cleric, the Radiant SentinelThe EmpyreanMain
Andreas of EbbUpper CalrathOptional
The Iron Wayfarer (optional)Bramis Castle GateOptional
Damarose the MarkedBramis CastleOptional
The Sundered MonarchBramis CastleMain
Adyr, the Bereft ExileBramis Castle, Rhogar RealmMain
Elianne the StarvedMother’s LullMain


These are all of the main story bosses in Lords of the Fallen. For each battle, be prepared and don’t give up easily when things don’t go your way; with practice you will be able to defeat each of these bosses and complete the game!

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