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How to Fix Error BN-564 in Overwatch 2?

How to Fix Error BN-564 in Overwatch 2? Overwatch 2 a team-based action game set in a hopeful future, offers a free-to-play experience where each match transforms into an intense 5v5 battlefield clash. Take your pick: will you become a time-traveling freedom fighter or a DJ who drops the beats? The game features a diverse roster of more than 30 distinctive heroes for you to select as you engage in global battles.

Overwatch 2 builds upon the legacy of its predecessor with new heroes, maps, game modes and PvE campaign features. It also offers an innovative shared progression system which allows players to unlock rewards across both PvP and PvE modes for added reward potential.

How to Fix Error BN-564 in Overwatch 2?

How Can I Fix Error BN-564 in Overwatch 2

Error BN-564 is a login error in Overwatch 2 that may occur across platforms. Typically it’s caused by issues with your internet connection, but could also stem from server issues or corrupt game files.

Here are some things you can try to fix Error BN-564:

1. Error BN-564 in Overwatch 2 is a login error that may arise for various reasons, including server downtime, network connectivity issues or corrupted game files. Here are a few possible fixes:

2. Check the Overwatch 2 server status: If the Overwatch 2 servers are down for maintenance, you will not be able to log in to the game. You can check the server status on the Blizzard website or on social media.

3. Update your drivers and operating system: Verify Overwatch 2 server status. If Overwatch 2 servers are offline for maintenance, you will not be able to login into the game – check their server status via Blizzard website or social media to stay informed.

4. Close all other applications: Closing other running applications – such as overlay programs – can help resolve software conflicts and free up resources.

5. Repair the Overwatch 2 game files: Corrupted Overwatch 2 game files may lead to login errors; to resolve them quickly and efficiently use Blizzard Battle.net Launcher to repair them.

6. Unlink and relink your Battle.net account: Unlink and Relink Your Battle.net Account. Although this may seem like an extreme measure, unlinking your Battle.net account from your console has proven successful at solving some login errors in some instances. To unlink, visit the Blizzard Account Settings page and click Disconnect next to your console account on that page before rebooting your console and signing back into Overwatch 2 afterwards so as to relink your account with its Battle.net counterpart.

Additional Tips to Fix Error BN-564 in Overwatch 2

Here are some additional tips for troubleshooting Error BN-564:

  • Try logging in to Overwatch 2 from a different device or network.
  • Deactivate any antivirus or firewall software currently in use.
  • Flush your DNS cache.
  • Try using a VPN.
  • Contact your ISP (internet service provider) to see if they are having any issues.

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