What Is A Soul Heart In Dark And Darker and how to use?

A Soul Heart In Dark And Darker: Dark and Darker has recently emerged as a popular loot extraction game on Steam, attracting numerous players who have participated in the game latest alpha test. As new players join the fray, there seems to be some confusion regarding the concept of a Soul Heart and its significance in aiding their team. However acquiring this item through looting is crucial in the game.

To ensure you make the most of this item it is important to retrieve your fallen teammate Soul Heart before departing from the immediate vicinity. The following information will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what a Soul Heart represents in Dark and Darker and how you can utilize it effectively.

A Soul Heart In Dark And Darker

What Is A Soul Heart In Dark And Darker?

Each participant in Dark and Darker possesses a Soul Heart that becomes accessible upon their demise. In order to revive a fellow player it is necessary to search their remains and acquire their Soul Heart. Subsequently, the retrieved Soul Heart can be utilized to restore the fallen player back to life.

How Can I Get the Soul Heart in Dark and Darker?

You can only acquire Soul Hearts from fallen allies as enemies Soul Hearts are inaccessible to you. Absorbing the essence of a teammate is most effective way to assist them when faced with overwhelming adversaries. By utilizing a Soul Heart, you can revive your ally and empower them to seek retribution against their assailants.

  • Once someone dies, you can often find their Soul Heart on their remains. Once looting is complete, this Heart can then be used to revive players later.
  • Revival doesn’t happen automatically. To revive, it must first locate an Altar of Sacrifice within the Dungeon Run itself; various altars may be found throughout its lower levels.
  • Utilizing the Soul Heart at an Altar and offering up some of your own HP in exchange for its use will quickly restore your companion.

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