How to beat level 16-30 cookie run kingdom?

How to beat level 16-30 cookie run kingdom? Struggling to overcome the challenging Fiery Star’s Wrath boss battle in stage 16-30 of Cookie Run Kingdom? Don’t worry this stage is notoriously difficult to conquer. The boss Cookie in this episode possesses resistance against all of your attacks, making it even more challenging. Moreover, its devastating attacks can swiftly obliterate your Cookies. To assist you in defeating stage 16-30 here are some essential tips and information you need to be aware of.

How to beat level 16-30 cookie run kingdom

To successfully to beat level 16-30 cookie run kingdom, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Build the Right Team:

  • Front Line: Start by selecting a Cookie with strong defense capabilities. Excellent choices include Financier, Hollyberry, or Wildberry, all equipped with all five Almond toppings.
  • Middle Line: The middle line should consist of Damage Per Second (DPS) Cookies and support Cookies. Ideally include Pomegranate (equipped with Almond and Chocolate toppings) and Espresso (equipped with Raspberry and Almond toppings). However, you can customize this lineup based on your preferred combo of compatible Cookies.
  • Rear Line: The healers play a crucial role in your team’s success. Make sure to include Pure Vanilla, adorned with Chocolate toppings. As for the second healer, there is some flexibility. Consider using Herb or Cream Unicorn, for example. Remember to equip them with a combination of Chocolate and Almond toppings.
How to beat level 16-30 cookie run kingdom

So, this is the team that will have the highest chances of defeating stage 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom. It is crucial that all the cookies you plan to use are leveled up to 65 or at least close to that. Your odds of success increase in proportion to the level of the Treasures you plan to use.

I recommend using the Old Pilgrim Scroll, the Squishy Jelly Watch, and possibly the Hollyberian Royal Necklace. One important strategy is to disable the auto-attack feature so that you can time the abilities yourself. This is especially crucial for Pure Vanilla’s healing abilities, which should be saved for critical moments. Since the boss possesses some highly destructive attacks, it is essential to have Vanilla’s healing ability ready when those attacks occur.

How to BEAT 16-30! (ft. No Cookie Gacha) | Cookie Run Kingdom

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