Hafid Port helipad DMZ location: Find Light Helo in DMZ Warzone 2

Hafid Port helipad DMZ location: There are numerous DMZ Faction Missions available, each offering its own level of difficulty to ensure an engaging experience in the new open-world survival Game Mode. If you are interested in completing the ‘Flight Recon’ mission for the White Lotus Faction, this guide will provide assistance on the necessary steps. Upon successfully finishing this mission players will receive a reward of 10,000 XP and the blueprint for the Steel Ghost X13 weapon. It is worth noting that this Tier 1 mission has occasionally experienced bugs, particularly related to the limited spawns of the Helo in Al Mazrah. Therefore this guide will provide a comprehensive outline of each step required to utilize a Light Helo for the White Lotus mission ‘Flight Recon.

Where Can I Find a Light Helo in DMZ Warzone 2?

First of all, let’s discuss the initial phase of the Flight Recon mission. The first objective is to successfully land a Light Helo at the helipad in Hafid Port. Although it may seem straightforward, many players have raised questions regarding this task. The primary concern is where to locate a Light Helo. In case of uncertainty, the Light Helo is a helicopter introduced in the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Thus, you need to search for the helicopter icon on your tac-map. It can typically be found in the vicinity of Ahkdar Village, El Samman Cemetery, and Sawah Village. However, its exact location varies as it spawns randomly at specific designated areas.

Hafid Port helipad DMZ location

Expect numerous non-playable character (NPC) enemies in the vicinity, so it’s important to eliminate them before interacting with the Light Helo. Now, for the “Land a Light Helo” task, you must act swiftly and precisely; otherwise, you will run out of fuel and fail the mission. You must pilot your Light Helo to Hafid Port, where the helipad is situated in the water. It might be easy to overlook since it is positioned on a relatively small platform surrounded by water. For the precise location, refer to the images provided below.

Hafid Port helipad DMZ location

Now that you have acquired a brand new DMZ Light Helo, it is time to pilot it to the helipad at Hafid Port in order to progress with the Flight Recon Mission.

The helipad at Hafid Port can be found in the western region of the Al Mazrah map, specifically in the B5 quadrant. It is a small section that stretches out into the sea, allowing you to minimize encounters with the AI by flying along the map’s perimeter instead of venturing into densely populated areas.

Once you arrive at the helipad, carefully land your Light Helo and position it facing forward. Press the designated button to download the Flight Path Data. With that done, all that remains is to extract the data, thus fulfilling the requirements of the Flight Recon DMZ Mission!

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