How to kick in Lords of the Fallen?

How to kick in Lords of The Fallen? Lords of the Fallen is an intense game, & one key way to succeed is learning how to kick effectively. Kicks can be used to disrupt enemies, stun them or even knock them down completely – giving you valuable openings to attack or potentially saving your life in an emergency situation.

How to kick in Lords of The Fallen

Lords of the Fallen offers two main methods for kicking: simply pressing “kick” will perform a basic kick that deals moderate damage while temporarily stunning an enemy, while charging up your kick means holding down on “kick” button for an extended period. Once charged up, release to unleash powerful kick that delivers heavy damage while bringing down an opponent.

How to kick in Lords of The Fallen?

Here are a few tips on how to kick effectively in Lords of the Fallen:

  • Use the Right Timing. A kick is most effective when used to interrupt an enemy attack, so timing your kick perfectly is essential if you want it to work effectively. Kick too early or too late & your enemy could block or dodge your kick; kick too late & you risk being struck by their attack instead.
  • Use the right distance. Kicks have limited reach. If your target is positioned too distant from you, your kick might not successfully reach them. Conversely, if it gets too close, your attack may risk being countered by their own.
  • Use the right target. Kicks should always target the person immediately in front of you, so make sure that when there are multiple enemies present that your kick hits only the intended one before unleashing.
  • Use kicks as an opening move. Kicking an enemy will temporarily stun them, providing the perfect opportunity to follow up with an attack of your own; for example, kick an enemy to stun them before unleashing heavy assaults against them.

To execute a kick, first select the target you intend to engage, & simultaneously press the left & right mouse buttons (L1 + R1) on the controller or left shift + left click on the mouse & keyboard. This action will initiate a kicking maneuver. It is essential to ensure that you maintain proximity to the target for the maneuver to be successful.

Here are a few specific combos that you can use:

  • Kick, swing, swing: This simple combination can prove effective against a wide range of adversaries.
  • Kick, thrust, thrust: “This combination is extremely effective against opponents who are actively defending.”
  • Kick, jump attack, swing: “This combination is potent when used against foes in a staggered state.”
  • Kick, dodge, thrust: To combat opponents who possess speed or agility, this combination proves to be highly efficient.

Engage in various permutations & discover the most effective one for your needs. The crucial factor lies in identifying a method that you can consistently & proficiently implement.

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