How to Mw3 dev 841 error code fix for xbox and PS5

How to Mw3 dev 841 error code fix for xbox and PS5: Dev Error 841 is an annoying error code that may arise randomly while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox. When this occurs, the game crashes back to the main menu before finally returning back into normal playability.

Unfortunately, Dev Error 841 cannot be solved instantly but there may be several solutions you can try in order to overcome it.

How to Mw3 dev 841 error code fix for xbox and PS5

Modern Warfare 3 remains a beloved Call of Duty game today, yet some players may encounter an irksome error code called Dev Error 841 that causes their game to crash and return back to the main menu.

Mw3 dev 841 error code fix
How to Mw3 dev 841 error code fix for xbox and PS5

Dev Error 841 remains unknown, although it is widely assumed to be due to server-side issues. As there is no permanent solution that players can implement themselves, here are a few workarounds which may help reduce or alleviate its severity.

Here are some things you can do to fix Dev Error 841 on Xbox:

  • Restart the game: Though this may seem obvious, restarting can sometimes fix minor errors and glitches in games.
  • Clear the Xbox cache to improve performance: To do this, press the Xbox button on your controller and navigate to Settings > System > Storage – Manage Local Storage > Games > Modern Warfare 3 – Clear Saved Games.
  • Clear your Xbox reserved space by going into Settings > System > Storage > Manage Local Storage > View System Files > Reserved Space, selecting Modern Warfare 3 with A button press, then clearing reserved Space by using Clear Reserved Space option.
  • Remove any add-ons or data packs for Modern Warfare 3: To do so, navigate to My Games & Apps > Manage Games & Apps, select Modern Warfare 3, press A, then go into Manage Game > Installed > Add-ons & Data Packs and remove them by selecting and pressing A on any add-ons or data packs that you no longer wish to have installed and pressing the A button.
  • Reinstall Modern Warfare 3: If all the above steps have failed and Dev Error 841 persists, reinstalling Modern Warfare 3 may be the solution.

If the error persists despite taking all the above steps, it could be related to an issue on the server-side and you must wait for developers to resolve it.

Here are some additional tips that may help to reduce the occurrence of Dev Error 841:

  • Make sure that you are using a wired internet connection instead of wireless internet connectivity.
  • Close any other applications you are not currently using while playing Modern Warfare 3.
  • Staying current on Xbox software updates is essential to enjoying an optimal experience.
  • Staying current with Modern Warfare 3 can help ensure it remains relevant and escapable of hackers.

If you are still having problems with Dev Error 841, you can contact Activision support for further assistance.

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