How to Get Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits? 2024

How to Get Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits? The Buddha Fruit, with its golden glow and potency, is one of the most sought-after prizes in Blox Fruits. Renowned for its resilience, healing abilities, and AoE attacks that strike fear into opponents, it’s no wonder this precious treat is revered in PvE as well as PvP environments alike – but how can you acquire such a legendary prize? Buckle up, buccaneers! We’re going into detail here about ways you can get your hands on one!

How to Get Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits?

How to Get Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits?

Follow below provided steps to get Buddha Fruit in Blox Fruits:

Direct Purchase:

  • Robux Splurge: For those willing to open their wallets, purchasing the Buddha Fruit directly from the Block Fruit Dealer could be worth your while – as this permanent unlock will cost 1,650 Robux; though don’t think real-world money is your only route to Blox Fruit success!

Free-to-Play Routes:

Patiently Wait: The Block Fruit Dealer occasionally stocks the Buddha Fruit at 1,200,000 Beli. Check back often, because chances are only 5-percent for its appearance!

Cousin’s Chance: Black, the fruit dealer’s cousin, offers random fruits depending on your level. As your level increases, so does your chance (6.6%) of finding a Buddha Fruit; however, be warned as prices adjust according to your status.

Fruit Hunting Fury: Take part in an incredible adventure! Random fruits appear throughout the First Sea in specific locations every hour, giving a 6.6% chance that one might become Buddha Fruit! To become a true fruit hunter, referring to online guides for spawn point charts is key – these online resources offer detailed charts for finding all available spawn points!

Raid Rewards: Put your strength to the test in Factory and Castle Raids! Doing the most damage can earn you an apple drop – although odds might not be great, the thrill of the raid makes it well worth your while!

Trading Tales: The Second Sea brings Second C to life – a vibrant hub for traders where you can barter with other players, trading your hard-earned Beli for valuable items such as Buddha Fruit. Negotiation skills will come in handy here!

Tips and Tricks:

Fruit Detector Gamepass: With this useful tool, an audible ping will sound when any nearby fruit appears, increasing your odds of finding random Buddha Fruit.

Full Moon Frenzy: If you want to maximize your chances, plan your fruit hunts or raid attempts around full moon periods when fruit spawn times have been reduced by half! Timing them properly can give you the best chances at success!

Patience Is Key: Acquiring the Buddha Fruit takes patience and hard work – don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away; rather enjoy your journey, develop new skills, and celebrate when finally you win this golden prize!

With dedication and luck on your side, soon enough you’ll be wielding the power of Buddha Fruits and ruling the seas of Blox Fruits! So set sail, explore, and claim your destiny!

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