Essential Designs: 4 Types of Websites ThatRequire an Interactive Approach, and Here is Why

As VR continues its revolution of digital world, interactive websites have become all the rage. Gone are the days of scrolling the web; now audiences expect more interactive approaches; digital users seek elements which connect them directly with online businesses, games or sites they frequent.

An interactive website goes beyond simply providing text and photos; its navigation requires complex interactions such as drop-down menus, internal links and searchable areas; animations such as 3D scrolling visuals are part of its appeal as are forms filling functionality, dynamic feedback tools etc. UX (user experience ) of websites is continually improved by both software developers and web designers; for effective reach and engagement as well as greater ROI it must remain interactive allowing businesses to thrive while producing results quickly.

Modern websites feature intuitive UIs with multifunctional platforms to facilitate data discovery and idea development for more personalized and immersive experiences. In order to better explain this phenomenon, in the following article we highlight four prominent interactive websites with their functions and user reviews.

Essential Designs: 4 Types of Websites ThatRequire an Interactive Approach, and Here is Why

1. Live Dealer Casino Websites

With a multitude of online casino websites operating worldwide, numerous users want to participate in their games daily. Real money games with a professional live dealer need to have an interactive approach to deliver a realistic experience to the users. Different online gambling games are available on live dealer platforms, such as baccarat, roulette, or blackjack. However, regardless of the game itself, one thing holds – the player must establish a one-to-one interaction with the human dealer, which of course, necessitates the right digital infrastructure.

Along with secure payments through E-wallets, online gambling sites have some features for a more authentic UX.

  • Real-time video streaming is an interactive element that enhances the UI. It allows the player to view the game table and the dealer live.
  • Through a live casino chat feature, the participants can communicate with each other for a real feel, enhancing user engagement.
  • Bonuses and reward experiences during gameplay can be enhanced by in-game betting. The gamblers can place their bets in real-time and see themselves win.
  • The video streaming feature creates a game room, so the player can also communicate with other players, promoting socialization.
  • With payment options, such as crypto wallets, users can keep their financial details anonymous and secure. Through this, they can freely enjoy the live gambling experience without having to worry about banking security.

2. E-Commerce Websites

There is a storm of people shopping online these days. According to data, the global e-commerce market exceeded .7 trillion in 2022. This has been made possible with the advents of engaging elements and promotional materials. An interactive UI immensely increases traffic with 3D animations advertising the shopping websites. 

  • Online companies use drop-down menus to ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Compare Prices’ to make buying easier. 
  • Chatbots boost customer engagement. These are pre programmed reaction systems. They instantly respond to client questions, doubling user engagement. 
  • Animations like flashing CTAs or brand-related characters are amazing. 
  • Feedback forms are another way to customize user experiences. 

3. Social Media Networking Sites 

The third such website that cannot grow without interactive elements is social media websites. Since their popularity in the 1990s, social networking sites have started including engaging content to draw user attention. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. have garnered Millions of users due to their user-focused design elements. 

  • A fantastic interactive medium is interactive videos. These have the highest viewership and activity levels. Landing page visits, and quizzes, fall under this category. They may show selected parts of the video according to the audience’s preferences.
  • Adding polls for user selection is another cheap way to enhance user engagement. 
  • Enhancing brand awareness is by adding ‘contests’ through the website. These sharable media and links can create a buzz around the business for audience participation. 

4. Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Last but not least, online education mediums need to be interactive for students to gain information. This helps them learn the basic or advanced things at their own pace. These enhance student understanding and improve their comprehension.

  • Quizzes are basic but are ideal to track the progress of a student. These help in the critical thinking of the participant. 
  • Virtual classrooms allow students to interact with the tutor and other students in real time. It aids collaborative learning and confidence building. 
  • With discussion forums and gamification in the learning system, students can gain points. With leaderboards and badges, students are eager to engage more. 


With various users looking for more immersive-based experiences online, adding interactive elements is a necessity. 

Several gaming websites, as well as online casinos and social media, use drop-down menus and internal links to improve the UX. Sometimes it can seem like small details don’t matter and the overall result does not depend on those details. However, our digital world already set the rule: The website is a virtual office of a business. Are You Wanting People to Like and Engage Your Businesses and become Loyal Customers? Then impress them, starting with your website.

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