Castle Clash Secret Codes (April 2024): Get All Codes List

Castle Clash Secret Codes 2024: Playable on both Android & iOS, Castle Clash is a thrilling tactical battle game. You can come to be the maximum powerful lord inside the planet by manner of amassing an navy of severa monsters.

The launch of this new patch has blanketed a number of hard new capabilities that ought to offer for some thrilling gameplay. You can construct buildings by amassing resources, but the real pleasure comes from raising an army to do battle with other players online.

Castle Clash Codes

Castle Clash Secret Codes

The following is a collection of secret codes for Castle Clash that may be used to acquire virtual goods including gems, golds, coins, boosts, boxes, cards, chests, skins, & more.

Castle Clash Secret
  • BW4QFT (Valid till December 5)
  • CC2023

Expired Codes

F2KXAUSpecial rewards for Mother’s Day
U29NMR20x Gems Jars and other rewards
HOPPYEASTER50x Shards and 120x Crystals
PZA37E300x Gems
2JY6FS50x EXP Books and several coin packs
B6HGFH300x Gems, 3x Tomes and seasonal event items
YCHP7MAJ300x Gems and a lot of different shards and coins
AM5GGWA bunch of cool stuff
VHBFW65x Event Coins, 300x Soul Seeds, 5x Breakthrough Select Box I, 10x Materials Box I, 10x Resource Select Box I and 30x Jar of Gems
96JCKJ10x Hero Coins, 10x Gear Scrolls, 10x Boos and one surprise pack
T6ZBR3Different resources like Mana Orbs
55KAND9TH5x Epic Hero Soulstone Select Box I, 5x Epic Hero Vestige Select Box I, 5x Resource Select Box I, 2x Prime Insignia Chest III and 25x Magic Powder
BFN5WG20x Talent Chest, 20x Magic Powder, 20x Gold Gear Scrolls, 300x Soul Seeds, 5x Soul Upgrade Potions and 1x Equipment Tome
B9295RGJ50x of Hero Skin Scrap Boxes I-V
7WMFASAP50x EXP Books and several coin packs
B7ZXXPA2300x Gems, 3x Tomes and several seasonal gifts
692CQKAA300x Gems and a lot of different shards and coins
8R9CPT4C50x Shards and 120x Crystals
SU7XG69C1x Surprise Christmas Pack, 10x Heroic Shards and 100x Heroic Coins
CBU5Y7F9100x Blessed Tomes
2PCTFMBKHero Essence and Tomes
BP6F9RH7Hero Essence and Tomes
EPNB5TDPCannon Tower Skin Scraps
NE5V86CM40x EXP Bags, 10x Gold Packs, 10x Mana Packs and 10x Crystal Bags
A78QJMC6400x Shards and 40,000x Honor Badges
M9X3MGHU300x Merits
XJT49Z9X3000x Honor Badges
QDGR59PK300x Gems
9PSNHA8Z300x Shards

How Do I Use Castle Clash Secret Codes?

Castle Clash Secret Codes

Follow these steps to use your Castle Clash codes:

  • Step 1. Go to the Castle Clash Code Redemption Center’s official website.
  • Step 2. Choose the device you’ll use to play the game.
  • Step 3: Choose the language
  • Step 4. To get the reward, enter your IGG ID & the promo code, also known as the code CD Key.

Where Can I Find More Castle Clash Secret Codes?

Castle Clash Secret Codes

When developers release new Castle Clash codes, they usually make the announcement on social media. Every year, new codes are made available for use. We monitor all the codes & add new ones to the list as they become available. You should save this page & return regularly to get updated code information other than this you can follow them on social media like Twitter, Facebook or any other platforms.

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The above codes can be redeemed for a wide variety of interesting codes, but you should keep in mind that they all have a time limit. Use them quickly to get the most out of Castle Clash before they expire!

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