How to Get Umbral Scouring In Lords of the Fallen

How to Get Umbral Scouring In Lords of the Fallen: Umbral Scouring is an extremely valuable currency in Lords of the Fallen action RPG, used to purchase boss weapons and armor from Molhu’s Skyrest Bridge shop. There are various methods of earning Umbral Scouring; most commonly by farming Scarlet Shadows within Umbral Realm.

How to Get Umbral Scouring In Lords of the Fallen

Umbral Scouring is a scarce commodity in Lords of the Fallen, serving the purpose of enhancing your weaponry and armor, as well as being an essential component for crafting specific premium items. Multiple avenues exist for acquiring Umbral Scouring, with variations in their efficiency.

Method 1: Defeat bosses

Lords of the Fallen boasts many bosses which drop Umbral Scouring upon defeat, the amount depending on both its difficulty and your level.

Method 2: Use Soul Flay on Stigmas

Stigmas are radiant symbols scattered across the game world. When you employ Soul Flay on a Stigma, there’s an opportunity to obtain Umbral Scouring.

Method 3: Kill Scarlet Shadows in the Umbral Realm

Scarlet Shadows are formidable adversaries exclusive to the Umbral Realm. While not frequently encountered, they offer a substantial probability of yielding Umbral Scouring upon defeat.

Lords of the Fallen Umbral Scouring

How to farm Umbral Scouring?

To farm Umbral Scouring from Scarlet Shadows, you can use the following method:

  1. Enter the Umbral Realm in Pilgrim’s Perch.
  2. Kill the Ardent Penitent and Pilgrims.
  3. Wait for a Scarlet Shadow to spawn.
  4. Once the Scarlet Shadow spawns, cross the spine bridge and head for the beams leading back to the platform.
  5. Soulflay the reaper, collect the spoils, repeat.

To avoid being pursued by the reaper, just attempt it once more. There will be occasions when reapers malfunction and descend independently.

Tips for farming Umbral Scouring

Here are a few tips for farming Umbral Scouring:

  • For maximum effectiveness when farming Umbral Scouring from Scarlet Shadows, ensure your Vigor multiplier is high to increase your chances of receiving Umbral Scouring reapers.
  • Soul Flay can help increase your odds of Umbral Scouring from Stigmas.
  • When seeking Umbral Scouring from bosses, defeat them on the most challenging difficulty setting possible for maximum chances of obtaining it from these adversaries. Doing this increases your chance of getting Umbral Scouring drops.


Umbral Scouring is a vital asset in Lords of the Fallen, but it can sometimes be challenging to acquire. Employing any of the techniques mentioned earlier can significantly boost your odds of obtaining Umbral Scouring, allowing for more efficient upgrades to weapons and armor.

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