Jio F320B QCN File 100% Tested File 2024

The EFS (IMEI) data for Qualcomm-based devices is restored and backed up using QCN files, which are Qualcomm calibration files. Since the Jio F320B is a Qualcomm-powered smartphone, it is likely that this QCN file is unique to that model and can be used to back up or restore the IMEI information for that device.

It’s essential to note that only experienced users should use this type of file, as improper use could damage the device.

Jio F320B QCN File 100% Tested File 2024

Jio F320B QCN File Tested 2024

Password: officialroms

JIo F320B QCN File
Qualcomm USB Driver
QLM IMEI Reset Tool

How to Flash Jio F320B QCN File :

Flashing a QCN file to a Qualcomm-based device can be using a software called QPST (Qualcomm Product Support Tools). Here is a general process on how to flash a QCN file using QPST:

First, write EFS using Qcfire or wonder infinite (carefully backup your original efs first) (Download URLs Above)
After writing efs, reset partial efs with Qcfire as an image.

  • Download and unpack QLM IMEI RESET Tool.
  • USB-connect LYF Jio F320b to PC. No keys are needed.
  • The gadget Must Be On.
  • “COM PORT” part. It finds COM ports.
  • Type your Jio F329B’s initial UUID in IMEI1 and IMEI2.
  • Hit “Write IMEI” for a green “DONE” sign.
  • Unplug USB cable and smart phone

Notice: Depending on the individual QPST version and devices this procedure could change. When flashing a QCN file, it’s crucial to be cautious and follow the right steps because if you do not your device might be damaged. A backup of the data on your device is always advised before trying any firmware flashing or upgrade.

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