Is Honkai Star Rail Cross Platform 2024?

Is Honkai Star Rail Cross Platform 2024? Honkai Star fans eager to know whether their progress transfers between PC and mobile platforms may be interested to know that we offer cross-progression and crossplay between platforms as a free-to-play gacha game we have you covered.

Honkai Star Rail’s popularity among Genshin Impact fans has led many players wondering whether their progress transfers between platforms. Cross-progression allows seamless platform switching without losing progress; please refer to our guide for information regarding Honkai Star cross-progression and crossplay features!

Is Honkai Star Rail Cross Platform

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Is Honkai Star Rail Cross Platform? PC, Android and ios

Honkai Star Rail, the anime game created by Mihoyo, features crossplay and cross-progression support across all available platforms, such as PC via Epic Games Store, Android/iOS mobile devices and PlayStation 4/5 consoles. The login process requires Mihoyo accounts, so switching platforms should not affect progression. You should not lose progress between consoles. Although Honkai Star Rail codes have not been released yet, you should keep an eye on code guides. Some codes may become available before the release date, allowing players to claim freebies regardless of the platform they are playing on.

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