gold pokestops 2024: What is the Function

Gold PokeStops In Pokemon Go 2024: To celebrate the union of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet with Pokémon GO players can now enjoy a new feature: Gold PokéStops which will help them catch the elusive Gholdengo.

To activate this feature players must send postcards from their Pokémon Scarlet or Violet accounts to their Pokémon GO accounts. This will grant them access to the Coin Bag which is used to collect Gimmighoul Coins.

Players can only submit one postcard per day and the limit resets each night at midnight. With the Coin Bag, Gimmighoul will be attracted to Pokémon GO players allowing them to accumulate additional Gimmighoul Coins and evolve Gholdengo.

Gold PokeStops In Pokemon Go 2024

What is the function of Gold PokeStops in Pokemon Go 2024?

In Pokémon Go, Gold PokéStops used to be a common sight, but now they only show up occasionally and are mostly associated with the larger Gimmighoul crossover content. However players can still activate them but they need to take some steps.

Firstly, players have to connect their Pokémon Go account with either Pokémon Scarlet or Violet. Then, they can send Postcards to their Nintendo Switch to unlock the Coin Bag. The Coin Bag, when used, will make Gimmighoul appear more frequently for a limited time.

Moreover players can send one Postcard per day to Scarlet or Violet, which will give them a chance to obtain additional Gimmighoul Coins and new Golden Lure Modules. The Golden Lure Module can be applied to any PokéStop to turn it into a Gold PokéStop. When a PokéStop is turned into a Gold PokéStop using a Golden Lure Module, Gimmighoul will appear at that location from time to time. Additionally, spinning the Photo Disc at a Gold PokéStop will award Gimmighoul Coins.

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