How To Unlock Putrid Child Class In Lords of the Fallen

How To Unlock Putrid Child Class In Lords of the Fallen: Lords of the Fallen features a secret class known as Putrid Child that can only be unlocked through reaching its Umbral Ending. This difficult path requires you to complete multiple specific tasks that aren’t clearly described within the game itself – an experience worthy of recognition!

How To unlock the Putrid Child class:

  • Complete the game once, without reaching either of its extreme endings (Inferno or Radiant).
  • Once the game is complete, travel to Revelation Depths and defeat Harrower Dervla the Pledged Knight from The Unbroken Promise.
  • Once these enemies are defeated, a well will appear in the center of the room. Drop down into this well to access and interact with the Umbral Crystal at its bottom.
  • This will take you into the Umbral Realm. From there, travel to the Well of Souls and defeat its Guardian – then make your way back out!
  • Once you defeat the Umbral Guardian, a decision must be made: either to embrace or resist. For an Umbral Ending to occur, choose “Embrace the Umbral.”
  • Once you choose to Embrace the Umbral, you will be transported back into the real world. Return to Revelation Depths area and interact with Umbral Crystal again.
  • Once clicked, this will launch the Umbral Ending cutscene and once completed you can create a new character by choosing Putrid Child Class.
How To Unlock Putrid Child Class In Lords of the Fallen
How To Unlock Putrid Child Class In Lords of the Fallen

Tips for achieving the Umbral Ending:

  • Before venturing into the Umbral Realm, ensure you have leveled up and secured yourself with appropriate gear before venturing inside. It can be treacherous!
  • Be wary when engaging the Umbral Guardian; expect a long and challenging battle!
  • If you die in the Umbral Realm, all of your experience and items will be lost; however, you can keep trying to beat down the Umbral Guardian until you succeed in defeating him.

What is the Putrid Child class?

The Putrid Child is a hybrid caster class that specializes in Umbral magic. They possess high Radiance and Inferno stats, enabling them to deal both fire and shadow damage effectively, as well as strong Vitality and Willpower stats, providing tanky protection with a larger mana pool.

The Putrid Child class is an ideal option for players seeking a powerful caster role in their game. Furthermore, this character offers players an alternative playstyle from what may have been experienced during previous playthroughs.

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How to play the Putrid Child class

The Putrid Child class is an adaptable class, capable of playing various ways and dealing both fire and shadow damage effectively. Their main strength lies in this ability.

If you are playing as a Putrid Child, I would advise prioritizing Radiance and Inferno stats as they will allow you to deal maximum damage with your spells. Furthermore, you should invest some points into Vitality and Willpower stats as this will give your character increased tankiness as well as an increase in mana pool size.

When selecting weapons and armor, I suggest selecting items which match up well with your Radiance and Inferno stats, while providing bonuses to spell damage or mana regeneration.

Here are some tips for playing the Putrid Child class:

  • Use Umbral magic to strike fire and shadow damage against your foes.
  • Employ Radiance and Inferno spells to strike damage against enemies at a distance.
  • Utilise your Vitality and Willpower stats to become more tanky and increase your mana pool.
  • Purchase gear that enhances both Radiance and Inferno stats to provide bonuses to spell damage and mana regeneration.

The Putrid Child class offers powerful and versatile play, perfect for players seeking something a bit different in terms of challenge or playstyle. I suggest giving it a shot – you might just enjoy what awaits!

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