How to Unlock Lord Class in Lords of the Fallen?

Unlock Lord Class in Lords of the Fallen: Lords of the Fallen features a hidden class known as Lord, which can only be unlocked by completing and reaching one of three possible endings – Inferno Ending being one. To achieve it, simply refrain from cleansing any of Mournstead’s corrupt beacons before supporting Adyr at the conclusion.

To unlock the Lord class in Lords of the Fallen, first complete its main storyline and defeat Adyr. At that point in time, select Inferno Ending as an option and unlock it.

To support Adyr, simply select “Support Adyr” at the prompt. After choosing an Inferno Ending, a new game must be initiated in order to experience it fully.

As soon as you launch a new game, the Lord class can be selected. The Lord class is a high-level class with an emphasis on magic; making it ideal for players looking for a powerful yet versatile character.

How to Unlock Lord Class in Lords of the Fallen?

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How to Unlock Lord Class in Lords of the Fallen

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to unlock the Lord class in Lords of the Fallen:

  1. Complete the main story of Lords of the Fallen without cleansing any of the corrupted beacons in Mournstead.
  2. Defeat Adyr and choose the Inferno Ending at the prompt.
  3. Start a new game and select the Lord class.

Tips for unlocking the Lord class:

  • Since Lord classes are more difficult to unlock than other classes in game, prioritising understanding will help when unlocking them.
  • Be mindful when trying to attain the Inferno Ending – its execution may prove to be challenging! Be ready for this experience.
  • If you are struggling to complete the main story without cleansing any beacons, using magic may help. Magic in Lords of the Fallen can help to quickly defeat enemies more easily than conventional means can.

Once you unlock the Lord class, you will become an extremely powerful and versatile character in game. It is especially suitable for players seeking a challenge through some of the game’s more difficult content.

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