How to Unlock New Skills In Spider-Man 2

How to Unlock New Skills In Spider-Man 2: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the most highly anticipated games this year – and for good reason! The original game was an unparalleled critical and commercial success, so fans are anticipating an even better sequel in 2016. Particularly exciting to fans is a revamped skill system.

Unlock New Skills In Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 offers players a diverse set of new skills they can unlock to tailor their playstyle and become even more formidable Spider-Men. In order to do so, skill points need to be earned through main story missions, side quests and other activities.

Shared Skill Tree

Peter Parker and Miles Morales can access a shared skill tree, featuring skills that benefit both characters such as traversal upgrades, combat maneuvers and more. It provides a solid starting point that will equip you with essential game fundamentals.

Unique Skill Trees

Each Spider-Man also boasts their own individual skill tree in addition to sharing one. These individualized trees contain skills specific to their character’s abilities; Peter Parker’s tree includes skills designed to improve his use of web shooters and gadgets while Miles Morales’ tree focuses on his use of his venom powers.

How to Unlock New Skills in Spider-Man 2

How to Prioritize Skill Unlocks

When choosing which skills to unlock first, keep certain considerations in mind. First and foremost is your playstyle: is combat your specialty or traversal more your bag? Once you know which you prefer, start unlocking skills that reinforce what strengths exist within that genre of game play.

Second, identify any challenges in the game that you are encountering. Are certain enemies or boss fights proving particularly challenging for you? If that is the case, unlocking skills may help overcome those hurdles and advance further in your game experience.

Do not be intimidated by experimentation! There are countless skills out there; try different ones out and find what best fits you.

Here are some specific skills that you may want to consider unlocking early on:

  • Slingshot Launch: This skill allows you to launch yourself forward at high speed, which can be useful both for traversal and combat purposes.
  • Loop De Loop: With this skill, it is possible to perform an intricate loop-de-loop while web slinging; this can provide hours of entertainment as well as help avoid obstacles in your path.
  • Corner Tether: With this skill, you can tether yourself to corners while web-slinging to quickly change directions or launch into the air.
  • Venom Strike: Miles Morales can use this skill to strike enemies with poison, damaging and stunnng them for an immediate impactful impact.
  • Venom Dash: Miles Morales can use Venom Dash to speed forward with an intoxicated dash, using its poison to close distance or avoid attacks from his enemies.

These are just some examples, and there are many other amazing skills you can unlock in Spider-Man 2. Experiment and find which skills best suit your playstyle and challenges encountered in the game.

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